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  1. McDonald's Burger King Wendy's I really hate chains. Esp, ones that serve food that kills.
  2. My little brother lives in Kalamazoo. I've been to Arie's - it was okay. Certainly not a destination. Sorry to say, most of my best eating experiences in Michigan have been in the kitchen or around the grill. There is one pretty good ice cream place (name escapes me) and a decent roadside car hop....but nothing like what it sounds like you'd be into.
  3. as i seem to recall, i've heard ben & jerrys is good for the very stoned. <clatter> drops spoon..... <thunk> bangs head retrieveing spoon. resumes eating.
  4. MRX


    Quit drinking Snapples and eating fastfood...dropped 40 pounds. GF dropped only the Snapples and has lost 15 pounds. You really want this stuff in you?
  5. finally a response. oh heck i was kidding. strange things: live sashimi in japan (much more interesting to eat a fileted fish than a shrimp...the thing looks at you. pickled pigs penis. again this was japan - i was tricked into thinking it was sausage fried grasshoppers - japan raw horse - japan oven baked dog - hawaii pizza topped with potato salad and eggs - japan kangaroo
  6. MRX

    Dutch Ovens

    Someone who ignored my question? ;-) Um, I drive a Subaru. Does that explain it? Okay, now I've just spit my beer on my keyboard...too funny!
  7. MRX

    Dutch Ovens

    Someone who ignored my question? ;-)
  8. MRX

    Dutch Ovens

    Does anyone have both an LC and a Lodge? I think this now boils down to personality types. Do you drive a truck? Get the Lodge. Do you drive a Land Rover and think it's a truck? Get the LC. Seasoning is EASY. Legs or not on the Lodge, it'll go in the fire okay. I'd like to see what happens to the LC. My goulash usually cooks for 3 to 5 hours and I've never had a metallic taste.
  9. MRX

    Dutch Ovens

    opps double post. oh well, Lodge.
  10. MRX

    Dutch Ovens

    Lodge. You can use it as a real dutch oven should be. Anywhere. Campfire. Oven. Stove top. Industructable. Seasoned well there is no irony taste. Lodge, lasts forever. Great price.
  11. MRX

    NYC Pizza Survey

    I suppose the UES Totonno is an example of a coal fired pizza place with mediocre ingredients, and a poorly executed pie. Emphasis on the "poorly executed". The ingredients seem fine. And it is one of the better pies in the neighborhood, I just don't invite friends there.
  12. MRX

    NYC Pizza Survey

    A small note--the older man who used to be so cranky and close up shop when the dough ran out in the Coney Island Totonno's is now deceased. His son (I think) runs the place now and is actually a very friendly guy. We chatted pleasantly several times last year--Totonno's is my regular stop before Brooklyn Cyclones games, and you have to go through the kitchen to get to the men's room. And they actually keep regular business hours now! Still no slices and cash only. For my money, it's the best pizza I've had in NYC. Their coal-fired oven definitely makes a difference. I sincerely believe that you could limit your pizza search to the places that have those ovens, if expediency was an issue. Which, of course, it isn't! Thanks to everyone for a very interesting thread. Jamie At the CI branch of Totonno's, it's his grandson, if I am not mistaken...and yes he's a great guy. Very friendly and willing to chat. His Mom is a bit more sullen, but she seems to like me. I just still get a little fear everytime that I go there, due to my first experience with Totonno. I was in from way out east on LI and had heard of this mecca of pizza. My friend and I were around 14 years old and asked for slices....and pretty much ran out of the place. I still think that it is such a worthwhile trip for anyone who has never been. Totonno's is absolutely fantastic...but don't bother with the mediocre UES coal fired Totonno's...like the branches of Patsy's, there is no substitute.
  13. I love the Dormandie name...I hadn't heard that before, and the name suits the place perfectly. And yes all three roomies are in their mid-just-outta-school-twenties.
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