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  1. I'll be in Munich the week before Easter with my daughters - 14 & 8. This is their first visit. Any hints on special events that week that are not to be missed? They are pretty adventurous, speak French and my 14 year old has started German.
  2. What a great thread! I'm headed to Munich the week before Easter with my daughters - 14 & 8. We'll definately check out some of the suggestions. The Bäckerliesl in the Viktualienmarkt is on my list.
  3. I live in Mclean and end up in Reston/Herndon/Ashburn for business lunches. I hit Jasmine Cafe in Reston this week for the first time. Good tomato soup with dumplings. The duck confit salads was nice greens with a vinaigrette with decent duck confit. Inexpensive and different for a business lunch. Another place I like for a business lunch is Euro Bistro in Herndon. It has some dishes that are not intimidating, but Ghoulash and Spaetzl are pretty darn good any cold day. I like the food at A Taste of the World in Herndon, but the industrial park setting has caused problems with newbies getting lost.
  4. We were on St. John in April 2004 for Spring Break with the kids. We tried a few new places and hit the old favorites. We'll hit La Tapa on a quick swing-by for Halloween after the BVIs. - La Tapa in Cruz Bay - still our favorite restaurant on the island, great food with some opportunity to adventure. They made pasta with olive oil and garlic for my youngest daughter on her request. I was ready to make her order from the menu but the server said no problem. Every time we go there it is a little bit better. - Shipwreck Landing has great relaxed service and good grilled fish. The kids love the Green Lipped Mussels. Great bartender (Donna)! - Maho Bay Camground Dining Pavillion on Little Maho Bay (Breakfast) - We were staying here and the breakfasts were superb! Fresh, hot and quick. The pancakes were a hit with the kids and I loved the fresh tropical fruit. There really is no other option over this way near Francis Bay (our favorite beach). Not open for lunch and dinner is hit or miss. - Miss Lucy's - horrible experience, terrible service - I hope this was a one-time thing, but it seems to be a theme on other message boards - Voyages in Coral Bay did not excite us. It was the most expensive visit of the trip and they felt under staffed and slow. The roasted chicken was very good and a good deal, though. - Skinny Legs in Coral Bay - the kids fell in love with the cheeseburgers. These really are quite good. - Island Blues in Coral Bay - solid performer with a nice setting by the water. Emphasis on comfortable American food. - JJ's Texas Coast Cafe in Cruz Bay - reliable Tex Mex, good beers, friendly service. Cheers, Rick
  5. I was on St. John in November and this was my seventh trip. My favorite is La Tapa (not a Tapas bar). They are next to Woody's in Cruz Bay. I have had great meals there, good service and the prices are about what I pay in DC. Miss Lucy's out past Coral Bay has a great Sunday brunch, Full Moon party and good West Indian Food. Shipwreck Landing out that way is quite good with fresh grilled fish. Both places are next to the water - very pretty, but the no-see-ums come out at dusk. I have heard Asolare has gone down hill. A new restaurant that has opened since I came back is supposed to be good - Rhumb Line.
  6. I like the Sugar Mill a lot. They use a lot of local product and grow some of their own. Check out the papaya trees. Barbecue at the Bomba Shack is good. It is usually one price for as much as you can get on your plate. I second Mrs. Scatliffes - home cooking and real food. The goat curry is tasty. Roti at the Roti Place or Struggling Man's are a great lunch. The restaurants on Cane Garden Bay are usually pretty reliable - Myett's and Stanley's. Expect things to move slower in the restaurants. The small places start prep after you order.
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