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  1. I know that the origin of rum can be traced back to the place of origin for sugar cane (Papua New Guinea), and I remember reading an article that restated this fact by mentioning the name of cane based drink from new guinea that used rice cakes in the fermentation wash. Ed, do you - or anyone else know the name of this type of rum?
  2. just read this thread and thought I'd mention that the Artisnal Plantation Rums come in other island styles than just Trinidad and Jamaica. There's also Barbados (my Favorite of the group) and Guyana. Hi-times sells all of the first three (Trinidad, Jamaica, and Barbados), but I have only ever seen one bottle of the Guyana and it wasn't for sale.
  3. Not that it has anything to do with cross-bred rum/tequila distribution or ownership, but my favorite Tequila is and always has been Corralejo from Guanajuato. Try the reposado for a really fantastic introduction to the brand.
  4. hey Jason, Cachaca Cane Spirit is basically rum produced under less strict distillation methods than the established 180 - 80 proof standards we're used to from carribean rums. Similar to Rothchild's CSR. As for Ypioca, they bottle three Cachacas: Gold, Crystal, and Silver. Toucano is actually Ypioca's only Rum and it has a taste that just about blows your head off. All of these are imported by Mr. Preiss. I have not yet tried the Barreio or the Pitu (I think the Lobster in the label is scaring me off!). but anyway, one bottle of ypioca is more than enough of this type of spirit for my collection.
  5. Hi gang, firstly best wishes to anyone who was affected (directly or otherwise) by the recent events in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. I have been fairly busy lately and haven't been able to come on-line to tell you all about a great new rum I have discovered and now, subsequently, sell at Hi-Time. It's called Ron Zaya from Guatemala and I'd like to know if anyone's heard about it. I love this rum, it's dark yet light in the mouth, sweet, full of flavor, and very smooth. Unfortunately, Ron Zacapa was discontinued before I had the opportunity to get my hands on a bottle, but several of the people I have asked to try Zaya say that it is very similar (if not better). Anyway, any feedback would be great, but if you haven't yet tried this rum you must buy a bottle.
  6. We have some of the Pyrat 23 at work, but even with my employee discount (which is cost btw) it still comes to around 趚. As you might immagine I'm not expecting to try any soon. How does it compare to the pistol? And what is comprable in taste and not in price?
  7. I would place the 7 year more along the lines of a thin El Dorado or Barbancourt Estate. It is definitely much different to its market sibling, which incidentally I consider to be the undisputed king of the Cuba Libre mixers.
  8. I love Barrilito. It has a wonderfully rich flavour and I can only asume after reading your post that pressed sugar cane or raw molasses must be one of the "secret" ingredients. Just to let everyone know, Hi-Time has a fairly constant stock of the 3 star and occasionally the 2 star. And as is the case with all of our rums, can ship to anywhere in the world. However in some cases it may be more economic to go to Puerto Rico and buy it yourself. :-) JR
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