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  1. Sweet Licks at R and 17th. Excellent, and often interesting, ice cream. I love their red bean.
  2. Moby Dick's is a couple blocks to the north between 19th and Conn Ave, same block as CPK (geez, O st.? You'd think I'd remember this stuff as I walk by EVERY day ). I'd take Moby Dick's over House of Kabob anyday, but not if I was in any sort of hurry. They are sssllloooowwwww there, and often a bit surly.
  3. Or a little bit further down 19th (but WELL worth the walk) is the Greek Deli between M and L, next to Nooshi (nee Oodles Noodles). Just look for the line stretching to the street. Take out only with limited seating outside if it's nice. Also try CF Folks (they also run Well Dressed Burrito) right next to the Palm on 19th. Very good (for D.C.) deli sandwiches and daily specials which they also list on their website. I've never gone wrong there.
  4. Go for diversity. Sticking to the general Dupont area: Brickskeller: Get something big, bold, or just plain out of the ordinary. MMXXIII/Ozio/Red/Dragonfly/ESL/lounge-of-the-moment: But only if you can get on a guest list. Having to wait in line is the antithesis of a good bar crawl. Then again the loungey places are too, but that's another story. Lucky Bar: Where you can sit on the patio and heckle people waiting to get into MMXXIII if the line's are too long Mackeys: For as proper a pint as you'll get in the limited geographical area (better than nothing, says I) Cafe Citron: Order mojitos. Drink mojitos. Repeat. Fox & Hounds: The little soda bottles are so cute, and if you have friends who have never been it's fun to watch their reaction after the first sip when they realize that the T part of their G&T is a do-it-yourself affair. BdC: As good a place to end the night as I can think of
  5. TedE


    It's fine. In fact out of the half dozen or so times I've been in I think I HAVEN'T been wearing jeans only once (bar visits only, never eaten in the dining room). But then again I never seem to plan on going there, it just always seems like the best option when I feel like going out at the last minute. Gives new meaning to going out for a burger and some beers ...
  6. TedE

    The 22oz bottle of beer

    I buy 22's all the time. Very handy for tasting craft beers that you don't want to invest a whole 6-pack in. Splits very well between two people using 10 oz glasses. Plus in my area it's the only way to get Stone Ruination so I pretty much HAVE to buy 'em
  7. I was there Saturday a little after 9:00 and asked the same thing. The only reply was, "we have them but aren't tapping them yet". Huh? My guess is that they think they aren't quite "ready" yet, but all 3 of 'em? My pain was only compounded by the fact that I missed the last of the Oggi's left over from the Lupulin Slam by about 5 minutes (had to watch the guy across the bar drink the last pint). Damn. And to top it all off we were surrounded on one side by a party of 6 six all drinking Foster's oilcans and a group of 8 on the other all drinking Bud Light . It was a depressing sight. I was somewhat consoled by a bottle of Stone Vertical Epic
  8. Ah, the days when what didn't kill you probably made you wish you were dead the next morning. In the waning days of high school we had a weekend where our fully "stocked" portable bar saw some evil concoctions. The only one I really remember was inspired by a foot powder commercial that kept coming on in the wee hours of the morning when these drinks were born. It had a gentleman on TV whose feet apparently stank so bad that his wife dubbed him "Swamp Foot", complete with the little cartoon rendering of his Swamp Thing-like feet. Of course, by the end of the weekend this guy had his own drink: Swamp Foot: 1 part OJ 1 part Blue Curacao (ya know, cuz OJ goes with orange-flavored things ) 1 part Kiwi-Lime Mad Dog 20/20 (the neon green stuff) splash of grenadine, for depth of color Looked and tasted exactly like it sounds: muddy swamp water. The color and the texture were truly something to behold. I'm pretty sure I still have the Mr. Boston's guide where we scrawled the recipes for some of these in the "Your Own Recipes" section in the back. Of course this was also the weekend where I lost my bangs and eyebrows during an ill-fated flaming 151 experiment.
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