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  1. I talked to a few of my co-workers about the place who are all Japanese, and they suggest that if you want good ramen then Chinatown is the best place. But hopefully they stay open late and I can hit it up after work.

  2. After about 2 months of experimenting with sushi all over North Carolina, I finally stumbled across this place in Charlotte. As loud and crazy as Ru San's can get, I still found it to be one of the most fun places to eat and well worth every penny.

    Their nigiri and tempura a la carte starting at $1 is by far the best deal there. The fish is fair quality, but when most of their rolls are cooked, it's easy to overlook it. The only complaint that I've heard from people is that it's not traditional. However, there is only one real traditional japanese restaurant that I've ever come across in NC, which is Mai in Charlotte.

    I'm by no means well eaten all over NYC, but after living here for almost a year and working in a japanese fusion restaurant in Jersey City, I've not been able to find anything that can hold a candle to Ru San's in terms of value and flavor.

    Anyways, that's my opinion, I was hoping to find some others in the south who might have eaten here and may or may not have been impressed.

  3. Well I ended up volunteering for the event as a culinary student from ICE. I was only there for the awards, so I ended up reheating some things prepped from earlier in the morning and working at the company Melissa's food booth. We served a fruit tamale and a taro root tostada. I, as well as many other volunteers ended up sampling quite a bit of food and drinks; sure as hell beats paying whatever cover charge they had.

  4. I really don't see what all the fuss is about. Almost every deli or grocery store I go to in NYC has Ommegang products. Haven't had a chance to try yet, but they just put out their Quadrupel which goes for something like $6.99. And if you like Belgian styel, try some real Belgian beer, it tastes the same! But if you're against that, there's always Unibroue who make some great Belgian style beer which is actually interesting.

  5. I just went to the Spotted Pig tonight with a few friends. I'll just make this short and simple. For the type of restaurant, I don't mind the simpleness, but the portions for the sides need to drastically increase. The house beer was really nice and appropriate for the restaurant. Thank goodness for Brooklyn Brewery. Not a bad outing, but the food could use some perking up.

  6. Actually, the waitress did hear her as she picked up the metal object, looked at it, said "ok" then walked in the back. But neither my girlfriend or I are upset, just a bit surprised. I think that particular waitress was a bit stand offish and rude.

  7. I'm pretty new to NYC but even more so with french bistros. However I did manage to make it over to Les Halles on Saturday. I didn't mind the noise or the cramped seating, because I pretty much came for the food and to see what the place was like after reading Kitchen Confidential. We both tried things we hadn't had before instead of going with the traditional steak and frites route. My only problem was that when a shard of metal was found in my girlfriend's meal, the server just said "ok" and walked away. It won't keep me away by any means for seconds, but I guess I can expect the apathetic "wham bam thank you mam" service next time. Oh, and the frites were the best by far.

  8. I thought that Buffalo Bill's was probably the absolute worst. Dogfish probably had the most present pumpkin flavor but that could've been from the alcohol. I tried one from some brewery in Union Sqare which was probably the most well rounded; not too bland, not too spicy. All in all, I'm disappointed with this year's selection. Maybe next year I'll try Brooklyn Brewery's.

  9. Best place to find this year's seasonals are at B & E Quality Beverage on 23rd St. between 10th & 11th. Prices are extremely reasonable although it's a bit out of the way for some. Today I bought a Dogfish Immort Ale, SN Celebration, and Old Rasputin. And yes, they had Anchor, SN, and Harpoon's latest winter brews. I was even able to drool over a Sam Adams Utopia going for a mere $189!

  10. There's a beer tasting with food hosted by Garrett Olive (Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster) that's going on at ICE that's going on this week. I'm going to be there Thursday night; they have Latin, Asian, and Holiday food paired with whatever beer best suits the food. Should be fun.

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