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  1. The blog for the Stranger (aka the slog) has a lot of comments on this. There will be a memorial next Saturday at 6 Arms. 5 PM www.thestranger.com/slog
  2. It is with great sadness that I report the passing of elswinger. I had the oppurtunity meet Larry and he was a hell of a nice guy. He'll be missed. ~Jason
  3. For some inexplicable reason, I was asked to blog about the day of the Anniversary on Pagliacci's brand spankin' new blog. http://www.pagliacci.com/blog/ Sweeeeeeeeeet. God that was a long day. ~Jason
  4. Last place I saw them was costco as well... ~Jason
  5. Does this apply to delivery or is it just walk in? ← In the very first post Fay Jai wrote delivery, too. I assume that still stands with the extension of the discount to all sized pies. ← Thanks, I guess I read his post too fast. ← Delivery and the Pizzerias. Only 13" and 17" pizzas are available at the pizzerias. (BTW larry, I just sent you a message. Please email me if you didn't get it.) ~J
  6. Matt changed his mind regarding 30% off on a 17" pie... He decided that it was unfair to the other sizes. So...30% off ALL sizes. (1 30% off pie per order) Details at www.pagliacci.com Enjoy! ~Jason
  7. This Thursday the 19th Pagliacci turns 30! Yee Haw! To celebrate, on Thursday (at the Pizzerias only) we are rolling back our prices on Slices and Sodas to 1979 prices! How about a slice of Cheese for 85 cents? No? Pepperoni or Canadian Bacon and Pineapple for 95 cents? Still no? How about a slice of Agog for the low low proce of $1.05? We'll throw in a soda for .60 cents! Can't make it to one of the Pizzerias that day? No sweat, (although I must say that I would Loooooooooooooooooooooooove to see ya'll at the Original U-District location that day!) Primo Slices will be the (2009) price of a Cheese Slice and 17" pies at ALL locations (Delivery too!) will be 30% off...for 30 Days! (1 per order, please!) We expect busy that day....Hope to see you soon! Look for my mug on the new 17" 30th Anniversary Box too! ~Jason
  8. I made a promise and I'll keep it, but I'll say this... Sam Hassan (late of Samba) will (keep your fingers crossed) be behind a stove in Seattle again.... Soon. ~Jason
  9. Posted in the wrong place originally, sorry! I think we'll be going I-90 to Highway 2... Thanks! ~Jason
  10. According to the Stranger, Andy's Diner is closed...Looks like I'll never have another meal "compromised" there again! ~Jason
  11. Looking for opinions on this place from people whose opinions I trust! How is their food? Menu looks interesting... Thanks, ~Jason
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