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  1. Thank you very much for the suggestions. Kalypso, we do have a car. Can you point me in the direction of good tacos? Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi, all. Need some help with restaurant recs in the Del Mar/La Jolla area. Husband and I are staying at the Grand Del Mar. We are game for anything, but would like recs for good waterfront dining. Also, any good taco truck recs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Gennaro is excellent, but there can be a loooong wait. Indus Valley is terrific -- is Indian exotic? Roth's is very good for what it is, as is Carmine's. Lisca, across the street from Gennaro is a decent alternative, if you don't feel like dealing with the line at Gennaro. It is also less cramped. But the food isn't as good. For what it's worth, I've hated Pampa everytime I've been. Dock's, for seafood, isn't bad.
  4. My husband and I ate there last night. It was terrific. He had the bucatini (excellent, not as spicy as I would like), and hanger steak (really excellent and well cooked). I had the snail salad, which I loved. You really have to like snails though as there are a lot of them in the salad. I followed with the littlenecks and fries. We also shared the ricotta/smoked gouda fritters, which were light and delicious. My only complaint about the food was that I found it a little too agressively seasoned. We'd never been to the downtown landmarc so have no comparison. I agree with Sneakeater that this is not food I will be craving, but I will go back a lot because the options on the UWS are very limited for food of this type. French Roast is terrible. Nice Matin more expensive. And the number of places that line Amsterdam Avenue are largely just ok. I, for one, think they'll be mobbed.
  5. I had dinner in the tavern room (at the bar) last night, and was dissapointed. I started with the spinach salad, pecorino, lemon vinaigrette, squash and merguez sausage salad. It was ok. The sausage was well flavored but very grainy and not a great texture. The greens themselves were fine, with the exception of the squash, which had no flavor. Entree was seafood chowder with clams. This was several pieces of a white fish, well prepared, one mussel, one clam, some beans in a broth. The fish was cooked well. The mussel and the clam were not (overcooked). The broth, unfortunately, should have had a nice flavor, but was intensely alcoholic, as though the wine hadn't cooked out. I really wanted to like the meal. I love the tavern room, and hadn't been there in about a year. I also love the main restaurant, but on the strength of the meal I had last night, I probably won't go back to both for a while. As an aside, the service was excellent, as always. As were the cheeses I had after dinner.
  6. The restaurant has been market as of 1/2006. I am guessing they finally found a buyer.
  7. Mulcahy


    I didn't object to the assertive use of spices, I objected to the assertive use of salt and truffle oil, both of which overpowered much of what I ate. But I will be a good sport and give Loft another chance.
  8. Mulcahy


    I had a meal there about a month ago which was not nearly as memorable as the one Fat Guy had. Angelo Sosa was already installed as consulting chef (one of our party knows him well). We were sent a variety of food, all of which was either over seasoned or fairly unmemorable. I had the mason jar lobster, and while I loved the presentation, found it difficult to get all the food out of the jar. I really wanted to like the experience, because we were being comped some food, and a drink or two, but the service was so atrocious, and the food so completely unmemorable, I probably won't go back. (Although Fat Guy's review makes me question my decision).
  9. I agree. Have now eaten the NY Strip twice, and I think it's fantastic.
  10. I couldn't agree more. Why is that? You would think that someone, somewhere in NYC could do traditional Spanish food right. Especially now that so many of the importation laws have been relaxed.
  11. Went last night with two other people. Service was excellent, with a few tiny timing issues. We waited a bit for menus, and there was some confusion when we wanted to order single malts at the end of the dinner. 20% discount appeared on our bill without our requesting it. The room is really lovely and comfortable. They are definitely going for Haute, not Traditional Steakhouse. We had to start: Shrimp Cocktail: fine, good shrimp. Acceptable Sauces Oyster Pan Roast: delicious Clams Casino: flavorful, could have been hotter, good ratio of clam to breading Chopped Salad: didn't taste this, dining companion loved it The two gentlemen I was with shared the Porterhouse, Medium Rare. It was cooked perfectly. They loved it. My husband eats at a huge number of steakhouses for work reasons, thought it was good, but not the best Porterhouse he has had in NY. I had the NY Strip on the bone (also mid-rare, also perfect). The charring was terrific. It was the best NYC steak I have had (I do not eat at many steakhouses, but have been to Lugers, Sparks, Smith and Wollensky, and Maloney and Porcelli). The sides are not enormously huge. We ordered too many, but managed to get through a lot of the following. We split for sides: Ginger carrots: tasty, maybe a bit too much ginger. But beautiful multi-colored baby carrots cooked through but not mushy. Garlic Spinach: very good Fries: Superb. fluffy and cispy all at the same time, like good fries should be. Mac and Cheese: not the best I've ever had, but a very fine tangy cheesy, crunchy rendition. Onion Rings: very very good rendition. Dessert: Coconut Cake: this was a beautifully textured and frosted cake. I couldn't eat much of it, but it was very good. Cheesecake: Unmemorable Devils Food Cake: very very chocolatey (too much so for my taste). I would absolutely go back. The combo of the service, good bar (I had a drink there pre-dinner) with a spot to watch sports and really terrific steaks will make it a welcome addition on what I consider the outer reach of my neighborhood. Edited to change husband's opinion of his steak and cheesecake, since I got them wrong. Probably due to too much wine last night.
  12. Yep. Just checked the menu and they deliver from 6-10 M-F, 5-10 S-S from 72nd to 92nd street. Their delivery packaging is really excellent, so the food shows up in good (and hot) shape.
  13. Gennaro is excellent, but their delivery is terrible. Rain is good pan-asian, with excellent delivery. Ouest is great for a drink at the bar and solid food. Haven't been to new 'Cesca, but might be worth a stop in at the bar. Roth's Westside Steakhouse has excellent burgers, only available at the bar. Shun-Lee delivers (and is sort of on the Upper West Side). Haru is the best sushi, unfortunately, other than Gari.
  14. I get your point, Rich, but I still think it's weird. I recognize that some truly great horses have been gelded, but I know a number of folks (including horse people) who have been so put off by the name they haven't gone in. And I agree, ridgling would have been by far weirder.
  15. I realize this is a bit off-topic, but does anyone else think Grey Gelding is a horrible name for a restaurant? I don't really want to think about, well, gelding, while I'm eating.
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