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  1. Not new. Old Barracudas had 'em. Engines with hemispherical firing chambers in the head instead of cylindrical. More expensive to make, slightly more efficient, definitely more power. Been around since the 50's or so.
  2. I'll go ahead and weigh in that for NoVa people, there is a good fishmonger in Great Falls. Cannon Seafood. It's right on the corner by The Old Irish Brogue. In searching for the name I also found a decent "how to find fresh fish in DC" article from the Washingtonian. http://www.washingtonian.com/dining/freshfish.html The author says he got a not-great piece of fish from Cannon, but it also says he bought a quarter pound of fish from each fishmonger. Who the hell buys four ounces of fish from a fishmonger? The fishmonger probably figured him for an idiot and gave him a less-good piece. (Kind of like T.B.'s explanation of chefs' "save for well done" policy.) I have also had some good luck with the butcher at the 'gourmet' Giant in McLean. (There are two Giants in McLean, right across the street from each other. One ghetto, one gourmet. Odd.)
  3. hello there, fellow goon! Yes, the food threads on SA tend toward "how do I make my ramen not suck" but there are a few good ones like the mise en place thread a few days ago.
  4. Add another vote for Jaleo. It's fabulous. Tapas, fun, (noisy and crowded though) casual, good food, good sangria, and oh my that skewer of little grilled chorizo over garlic mashed potatoes is scrumptious.
  5. Apologies if that offended. I consider myself a "cook" really, but since my duchets come from programming these days, I demoted myself. I understand the stigma of the moniker, but figured a place like this would automatically recognize what I meant. (Not idiots buying every cookbook the tv tells them to, people that really understand and enjoy food and its part of the whole experience of life.) Thanks for the welcome!
  6. eh, not really...let's just say that she and I have had that as a private joke for a while. Definitely a fan though, but not a creepy one. We just like to drink and cook and have a good time, y'know?
  7. That's how I got here. I'm an admitted fan of flaco, a part-time foodie, ex-line cook, and a member of one other message board (somethingawful.com.) I always enjoyed the occasional foodie thread on SA, but I was delighted to find a whole foodie board here. Getting way off topic here. Also, Tony, if Bayless won't blow you my girlfriend will.
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