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  1. Pt. Reyes Blue Primadonna sharp sharp sharp cheddar
  2. When I first tried it, ginger didn't taste soapy to me -- it tasted like Lemon Pledge. Now I'm okay with it. Carrots often taste soapy to me, especially if they're homegrown.
  3. I like the ginger altoids, but the best thing about finding them (for me) was learning that the botanical name for ginger is "Zingiber officinale." I thought it was a zingy altoid joke at first, but that's really the name of the plant. Very cool.
  4. The Border Grill is totally blah. Plus, it's noisy and the waits are long. I think it must be the celebrity-chef factor that keeps people going -- it's certainly not great or interesting Mexican food.
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