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  1. Personally I think it is a pretty reasonable guide. I really think the AGT guide is just limited by its size in terms of the fairly small number of restaurants that are in the guide. I think you can comfortably consult your AGTs in conjuction with other sources. FYI, The Sydney Morning Herald publishes two guides - The Good Food Guide and Sydney Eats (more focused on 'Cheap Eats').
  2. I don't think there is too much happening in Sydney in terms of new openings. Max Brenner continues to grow in popularity-even my Pilates instructor is taking about the drinking chocolates at Max Brenner. One place I have walked past which looks fairly exciting is Belle Fleur in Rozelle. Apparently lime and cointreau is their signature chocolate. If I can just mention cakes - I sampled some from the new Yellow Bistro and Foodstore in Potts Point on the weekend - they were very special. I am not really a sweet tooth but I can't wait to get back there to try some more.
  3. With Sailors Thai I think it is only the Canteen that doesn't take reservations. The main restaurant takes reservations unless there has been a recent change in policy. As an aside I saw Tetsuya dining at Sailors Thai last time I was there. If you go to Longrain you must get there early otherwise you can start to wonder if it is worth it after a three hour wait at the bar no matter how good those cocktails are.
  4. Hi Chris It is a shame you will have to miss the Flower Drum. I visited Asiana about a year ago and really enjoyed it (if you like wine they have a very good wine list). I think Walters Wine Bar is a bit past its former glory. Please post on your experience at Vue de Monde as I would love to hear about it. In Sydney, if you enjoy Thai food I think Sailors Thai is a must. You have a lot of great restaurants in your list and Paul has given you some excellent suggestions. I would also strongly recommend Quay and Becasse. I also really like Pier (mentioned in the link provided by Paul) for exceptional seafood. If you can sacrifice some food quality for a great experience - try breakfast at Ripples (under the Harbour Bridge near the North Sydney Pool). It is no bill's but is it pretty cool location. Good Luck!
  5. Interestingly enough kangaroo meat is for sale in the meat section of my local supermarket (i.e. Safeway equivalent) in Sydney.
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