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  1. Is this the same store that's on Wash St in Hoboken?
  2. It's been a while since I've gone, but the weekend dim sum at Noodle Chu in Parsippany was pretty impressive the last time I was there... These days, I get my (Sichuan) Chinese fix at Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove!
  3. Just a bump...while the nail place is now open (and not a moment too soon, b/c we certainly don't have enough of them around here), there doesn't seem to have been any movement in the liquor store since I last posted about it. There is a snowblower parked in there, along with piles of sheetrock and other construction stuff, but it's been sitting that way for a few months now. Has anyone heard anything about the place? I also passed another new spot here in town today...Joe's Java on Ridge Road-across from Sultan Gyro. Don't know how new it is as I'm not on Ridge all that often, but maybe MJP or others have been...?
  4. Curlz

    Ryland Inn

    Hard to believe that nobody has mentioned that Craig Shelton is joining OME Caterers as their executive chef! I've been a customer and fan of OME for many years now, and have always thought they did a fantastic job, but this is BIG news!
  5. Just curious-what was disappointing? The selection? Prices? Do tell! I'm probably going to be over that way this weekend.
  6. Tommy, please report to the principal's office...Tommy...
  7. Drove past TF today, and although the windows are still covered in paper, the front door was propped open. I was driving, but slowed down enough to see in--and it looks like the place is fully gutted. A big table saw was visible close to the door...they aren't opening any time in the immediate future; that seems obvious. The TF awnings are still up, but who knows? I can't believe that there isn't someone reading this thread with some intel...why not tell us?!?
  8. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP! Any new spots to add this year?
  9. Congratulations! Hope to get out there at some point. Just a suggestion, though-you might want to change the address on the web site so people can find you! If they see what I did, they'll get Byram Township in SOUTH Jersey.
  10. Curlz

    Chengdu 1

    HEADSMACK. Of COURSE you need to try these--they're essentially salt&pepper prawns but w/a great spicy sauce.
  11. Thanks, Batard...guess I was feeling lazy today. Big FYI for the owners...both Google Maps and Mapquest come up empty when you enter the address as they show it on the restaurant's web site. Only b/c I'm from northern NJ did I know that it was out near Stanhope-and that's how it seems to show up in terms of location/direction on those sites. The place looks great; look forward to hearing about it as they get up and running.
  12. Kaister, for those of us who don't want to search your (?) blog, can you provide us with an address, please? Thanks!
  13. Here's the link... Zeffer, if you IM me, I'll be happy to share the magic of making links on eG-it's very easy!
  14. Curlz

    Chengdu 1

    yes, yes, YES to the Spicy Lamb!!! Ants on a Tree is also great, as is the "chicken casserole" which isn't listed that way on the menu, but if you ask for Jessica to be your waitress, she'll know which one it is. She suggested it once and that's what she called it, so that's what we order now. If I can find out the real name of the dish, I'll post it. And don't forget to ask for those broccoli stems in chili oil-then they'll really know what you're talking about!
  15. Curlz

    Chengdu 1

    So glad you enjoyed C1, as we've come to call it, Panosmex! That housemade sausage and the spicy baby wontons are two of our go-to dishes when we go. Actually, the spicy wontons are a GIVEN, and we often get extra sauce on the side; it's great over rice or pretty much anything else! Imo you didn't miss anything with the asparagus, but if you ended up with the snow pea shoots, it's probably my favorite vegetable dish on the whole menu! Then again, their veg moo shu is excellent, too--very clean and crunchy. Did you get the broccoli stems in chili oil for the freebie 'appetizer' (instead of fried noodles or peanuts)? The peanuts are tasty, but ask for the broccoli stems next time you're in; they're also addictive. Of course, now I'm craving C1...thanks for THAT.
  16. Funny, I just met the chef/owner (Michael Carrino) last night at a program at the Adult School of Montclair. I had the chance to taste his amuse of salmon over onion marmalade with a Pernod sauce and a dab of (iirc) paddle fish caviar; it was delicious, well-balanced, and very tasty. My first thought was that I need to get over to this restaurant and that I'm surprised I don't hear/read more about it!
  17. So Holly, where did you end up?
  18. Curlz

    Fried Clams

    I don't even know if it's possible to BUMP from an '02 thread, but I'm going to give it a try, simply because a shout-out for Bigelow's Seafood needs to be made again (it's early upthread). I was out on the south shore of LI for the better part of this past Sunday and did some research ahead of time, as my chef pal needed fried seafood. Thanks to a mention elsewhere and some serious research on my part, I found this article by Ed Levine, and knew we had to go to Bigelow's. VERY happy we did, too! This is a perfect place for a meal on the go, as long as you're not going running afterwards! Total roadside clam shack ambiance, and it's all about the food. I can't eat mollusks, but my friend certainly knows his way around a clam, and he declared them almost as good as the Clam Shack in Maine, which is his favorite place for fried clams. He had a platter of (Ipswich) clams and fried scallops, I had the fried calamari, and truly some of the best (battered, not breaded) onion rings I've ever eaten. The cole slaw was also outstanding; sweet, just creamy enough, crunchy, and very, VERY fresh. After tasting his, I ordered a side of it. Fries were just okay--stick to the onion rings, imo! The place has been around for 60+ years, and a search shows their web site is still in production. Just go if you're looking for a nice ride out of the city (and then go to the beach!) and enjoy--preferably before the summer traffic hits. Bigelow's Seafood 79 North Long Beach Road Rockville Center LI (516) 678-3878 P.S. For dessert (after walking off those clams at the beach), go to Itgen’s ice cream parlor--just for the hot fudge. And the house-whipped cream. I promise you won't be disappointed in it! (ice cream optional, imo) Walt Itgen's Ice Cream Parlour 211 Rockaway Ave. Valley Stream, NY 11580 516-825-7444
  19. Interesting you'd say that, menton...the day I was there, the place was really busy and they couldn't handle the crowd! We stood around waiting for our dogs, and I have to be honest...I was thoroughly unimpressed. Then again, I'm not a hot dog fanatic. I thought they were dull, the roll was terrible, and I didn't even like the shake! Maybe I'm missing something!
  20. A perfect example of many of the stories I've heard!
  21. Holly has been there already; it's on the home page when you click on the link he provided. Speaking personally, for the first 30+ years that I lived in NNJ, I never went to RH. I went last year, and now I never need to go again! My 'research' since that visit tells me that for most people, it's about the nostalgia of the place, NOT THE FOOD. YMMV, but that's my opinion! Just. Don't. Get it.
  22. As JPR reported over here, the site of the former Fortunato restaurant in Lyndhurst is for sale. A few of us were discussing TPC's cupcakes last night and I mentioned that they were moving the baking operation to Lyndhurst-why not take over that space for the restaurant and help Lyndhurst in its (recent) quest for something other than Italian food?!?
  23. I didn't have a great experience at Bubba's, but ymmv; I'll be curious to hear what you think if you get there. I know you've been to Amazing Hot Dog at their original location (Verona), but they're now open in Bound Brook as well, so if you're in that vicinity, it's always worth a trip, imo! Get some ONION RINGS if you go. Enjoy your trip 'up north'! Curlz
  24. According to this, Mama Tucci's closed.
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