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  1. For weekend lunch in Evanston, it's hard to beat Lulu's all-you-can-eat deal. Big plus; it's not a buffet. For under $15 you get free reign of the menu (with just a few exceptions). Pan-Asian salads, entrees, dim sum, noodles, etc. No, it's not wholly "authentic," but generally enjoyable. Go to joy Yee's--even if it's just for a bubble-tea. They offer a staggeringly large selection of bubble-teas and other fruit-based drinks. Unlike other many other bubble-tea shops, most of Joy Yee's are made with fresh fruit. There must be a couple hundred drink variations on their menu! The other food is variable, but generally good (and very cheap, given the HUGE portions). The only drawback is the extreme noise level and cramped tables. But, oh those drinks! Most of the higher-end places like Va Pensiero, Campagnola, Stained Glass, Oceanique don't serve lunch. The major exception, as mentioned earlier, is Trio's Friday-only affair. Although lunch is just a tiny "trailer" for the Grant Achatz show; it's still a blast. With wine and extras, however, this can become a $100/person lunch. Finally, if you like to cook, try to get to the Spice House. It's a mile or two from downtown, but has an unbelievably amazing selection. Best spice strore I've ever seen (so much so that the CIA at Greystone sells their products). For spending an entire day, I think you'd enjoy downtown Evanston a lot more than Rogers Park.
  2. Thanks for the recommendations. Moshulu? It's not just a tourist trap? I usually stay away from restaurants on docked boats or in skyscrapers.
  3. Leg-lifting isn't really a huge problem, especially if neutered before they start (although Cha-Siu did finally learn how to pee like a boy after three years). Interestingly, in general male pugs are a bit friendlier and more docile than females. Female pugs can be bossy (mostly to other dogs), but that's just part of their charm. Either way, you will be hooked for life. Dottie is an awesome name. I had a pug-like neighbor in the 1960s named Dottie. Viv (or Vi) seems like a good retro-ish name, too. Chet or Art works for a boy. Besides all of the fantastic restaurants in Chicago, here's another reason to visit: www.pugparty.com. We even have some very nice and pet-friendly hotels (even doggie room service)--Hotel Monaco, for instance.
  4. Why is he a pork dog? Easy. He has a curly tail, snorts, is very intelligent, and eats everything...just like a pig. Also, the breed originated in China.
  5. Congrats on your upcoming adoption! (Can you tell something by my screen name?) Unless you can convince restaurants that your pug is in training to be an assitive companion (dog for deaf, etc.,) I think you're out of luck except for some sidewalk cafes. Besides France, I've seen some extremely well-behaved dogs at restaurants in Belgium (including a very polite West Highland Terrier at an upscale place in Bruges). It's too bad that we're so uptight in this country. Pugs love to go everywhere, but just keep in mind that they have difficulties in extreme weather (hot or cold). Since he can't go to good restaurants, my pug does manage to guilt me out of my leftovers from Chicago's best. Not many dogs have had Elysian Fields Lamb and Foie Gras from Trio or duck from Spring. (Not that he REALLY appreciates them, since he'll also eat cat poop and business-reply cards.) Picked out a name yet? Mine's Cha-Siu Bow Wow (some of you will find this very funny).
  6. I'm going to Philly in a few weeks. Besides getting my "Morimoto Fix" we're supposed to go to Lacroix. Any thoughts or suggestions from those who have dined at Lacroix? As a hopeless restaurant geek living in Chicago, my standards for fine dining are very high. Will I be thrilled, merely satisfied, or disappointed with Lacroix? THANKS
  7. Omakase is definitely the way to go. We've done both the $120 and $85 and both are excellent. What's nice is that everyone in the party doesn't have to do the same one. The $120 has more luxury ingredients (maybe some Kobe beef, abalone, etc.), but the $85 certainly doesn't skimp (toro tuna tartare w/caviar for example). From my experiences, this is one place that certainly lives up to all of the hype. Enjoy!
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