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  1. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    All About Gin, Generally

    well, Gin with Lime Juice, I find they don't put enough Triple Sec. My Gimlet recipie calls for some form of london dry gin, jose cuervo's marguirita mix in place of the normal lime juice, and about a 1/4oz triple sec. mmmmmm
  2. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    What is the cheapest decent vodka?

    Skyy is pretty good for the price, but if you want some damn good Vodka, its all about the Belvedere and Voxx.
  3. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    The Martini

    The problem with shaking a martini, and water dilution to round out the drink is inconsistency as ice, and ice chips isn't a measured amount.
  4. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    Can some Whiskey experts help a newbie out?

    Regarding double malt's, http://www.tasmanianwhisky.com.au/speed_te...nest.html#antip Double malts refer to when the two distillery single malts are combined, not common -- but they exist. I could have sworn I've seen a Glenfiddich bottle as blended malt -- the laws may be different here in Canada regarding naming conventions ? Drinkboy: I've understood that Canadian whisky has a majority of Rye in it, while American whiskey is made with a majority of corn in its blends. Hence why American whiskey's have a mour sour taste ...
  5. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    Can some Whiskey experts help a newbie out?

    There's 4 main types of whiskey's, 1.) Canadian Whisky is called Rye 2.) American Whiskey is called Sour Mash, or Bourbon if its made in that area 3.) Scottish Whisky is called Scotch (duh) 4.) Irish Whiskey, is called, ... Irish Whiskey There's also the variance of single, double and blended malts, as you can guess the taste varies from country to country. Generally you want to get something that has been aged awhile, try and swing a 12 year bottle of scotch, the people I know who drink scotch like Johnny Walker Black or Glenfiddich 12 year. Personally I hate whiskey's ...
  6. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    The Martini

    Tell that to James Bond. Yeah I've always wondered about that, why Bond always orders his "Shaken, not stirred". I assume because in the original novels it was more of a satire then a serious story.
  7. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    The Martini

    I wouldn't know why you would shake a martini, you'll just water it down. The only times you should really shake a cocktail is when there's juice.
  8. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    Really bad bartenders

    You mean warm, straight Gin? Or that they used Gin? And where else are they to pour mistakes? Back into the bottle? Straight Gin, it was Tanquery's Ten too -- the bartender didn't know what it was at first (which usually spells trouble) He grabbed the Martini glass, placed it on the bar mat, took his shotglass, grabbed the ten, poured the two oz into the shotglass then transferred INTO the martini glass before we could tell him you have to stir it ... when he realized his mistake, he took the martini glass and poured pretty much 6 dollars worth of high quality gin down the sink He should have saved that Gin for at least the next person ordering something with two oz of Gin, his spillage at the end of the night probably got him canned.
  9. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    places you can order a decent cocktail

    Opus, Vancouver BC Shine, Vancouver BC
  10. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    Really bad bartenders

    I've been the recipient of the serving with fingers in the glass too, even though alcohol kills everything, its still not really appetizing, and you second-guess how good of a bartender they are. I've seen my friend order a martini and the bartender poured the gin into the martini glass, and then when he realized his mistake poured the glass down the sink. My favourite bartender story is my friend who had a bartab going for these guys, and named it 'assholes' (since, they were being, well, assholes) ... he was new and he didn't know that specific POS system printed out the name as well as the bill ... hilarity ensued Oh, I've also seen bartenders not empty their ice tray after a glass breaks .... after I ordered a drink I bit my lip and talked to the manager, got free drinks all night
  11. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    Singapore Sling

    Singapore Sling as I know it: 1oz Gin Top with Orange Juice/Lemon Juice Float dash of Cherry Brandy Float two dashes of grenadine Garnish with orange slice, cherry You want to make sure you use a tall, thin glass .. the grenadine will look sexy coming down There's a bartender around here that can make a singapore sling in just under 10 seconds from a speed rail. Tasty drink tho ...
  12. Ol' Dirty Chinaman

    Vintage Cocktails

    MMmmm, Gimlet's are so damned good. It looks great too, especially when the glass is really chilled and frosted.