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  1. First, you won't be overwhelmed with the rum selection. Don Lorenzo flavored rums are available in the Bahamas, they aren't sold in the US. As for duty free, forget it. The Bahamas don't have income taxes so they have to tax everything else, especially imports. Bacardi has a distillery in the Bahamas so you'll save some on those labels.
  2. You are welcome to attend. Just follow the links from the Ministry of Rum website or go to Polished Palate, the event organizer.
  3. Extra Dry is 80 proof, Extra Light is only 70 proof. I drink the Extra Dry which is an aged white rum.
  4. Your description sounds like you got a bottle of the real stuff. What you have is a rare example of what sailors were drinking about 1778 when the distillery was built. If you got to Grenada and didn't get to the distillery you need to go back. It is one of the most interesing places you'll ever go. Let it sit a few months and it will soften, slightly.
  5. In Barbados there is a law that distillers can't distill and bottle their rum at the same location. What you will see at the Moiunt Gay visitor's center is a short film, then a tour of the aging warehouse and the bottling operation. Then back to the bar for a shot of the good stuff.
  6. Bois Bande bark is bitter but the old women in the market tell me the root of the tree is even better for men, as they put it. Harvesting the root of the tree kills the tree and is even more bitter than the bark. Since alcohol is a solvent, the higher the proof rum used the better the results, to a point. But with all this discussion of bad rums, bois bande has to be high on my short list.
  7. The best place to find rum tastings and festivals is on the Calendarcalendar.
  8. Thank you Rebecca, I really don't want to delete some of the off topic comments and pictures which have been posted.
  9. I'm going to be in NY that week and hope to make it.
  10. Rum is such a varied spirit, you owe it to yourself to enjoy these spirits for what they are. I have to agree with your assessment of Captain Morgan Private Stock. On the other hand, Angostura has greatly improved their 1824 since I first tasted it in about 2001. Enjoy the rum, and the journey.
  11. The white Starr is a very different rum compared to Ron Zacapa which is a dark rum. I don't necessarily sip it but have drunk with a little ice. That's a little like comparing white and red wine.
  12. Definitely check out the grocery stores. Prices are usually competitive and the selections are pretty good. Bajans like good rum and there are a number of things you'll find that aren't exported 1639 is one. Also look for Old Brigand, Doorly's 5 year old and Mount Gay sugar cane brandy, it's sold as sugar cane rum in other markets. This one isn't their best, but it's good rum on the rocks. You'll also find flying fish to whet your appetite for some see-through, EASF white rum with sea moss.
  13. Oronoco is not trying to be an agricole rum. It is much more highly distilled than any of the agricole rums and lacks the character found in rums that are distilled to a lower alcohol content. Oronoco also has a component of aged Venezuelan rum which gives it a slight vanilla taste.
  14. 10 Cane is unlike anything else from Trinidad so if you're looking for something representative of Trinidad you need to keep looking, though 10 Cane is made in Trinidad.
  15. I like the short glass mentioned above for rum neat or a short drink like a ti punch. I am in the process of working with some glass manufacturers to make a rum glass which would be slightly larger at the top lip than at the bottom so you can assess the aromas better. But there are a lot of different rums and I would like to use at least three different glasses. I don't like brandy snifters, they concentrate the aromas too much and you don't need to do that when you are drinking rum, especially something like an aged rhum agricole which has a lot of aroma.
  16. Actually African Starr rum is made in Mauritius, but the bottle comes from South Africa. It is a molasses based rum which has been aged. It mixes well and has a smooth quality from the aging.
  17. There are several different Pyrat rums being sold and some are quite expensive in the US as well. You need to make sure you're looking at the same rums. Pyrat Pistol, XO or Cask 23.
  18. There are a number of alcohols which make up distilled spirits. When you burn distilled spirits, one of the benefits is that you are getting rid of some of the most volatile of the alcohols, the lightest alcohols which are responsible for some of the aroma and taste of the spirit. This can be good or bad depending on the spirit. When you burn spirits, it isn't uncommon that that you improve the taste, but then you have to ask yourself , do I drink this spirit straight, without burning anything off?
  19. Oronoco is much lighter than 10 Cane, which has a stronger sugar cane taste which lacks the vanilla hints in the finish.
  20. That is just plain shocking. Apparently the distributor and retailer are really marking it up. That rum isn't nearly as expensive in other markets.
  21. You might be surprised to know that rum distillers can legally add flavorings to there spirits, spices are only one common ingredient. Some of the more common flavorings are orange, raisins and raisins, chocolate and coffee are also used in some countries.
  22. I wouldn't consider these rums 'sweet' like Ron Zacapa or Diplomatico, but I will say that the Jamaican rums are some of the heaviest, with the exception of El Dorado Special Reserve.
  23. Cadenhead has bottled some amazing rums, among them their 30 year old barrel strength. But it should be considered that this rum wasn't aged in the Caribbean, but in the UK where the temperature is much lower. It is generally agreed that rums reach maturity faster in warmer climates.
  24. If can get to the larger LCBO store in Toronto you'll find a pretty good selection, they also have a special order section. Among the rums I'd suggest are the Matusalem aged rums and the El Dorado Reserve rums. Cruzan rums are now available in Toronto, I'd recommend the Estate Diamond. The best news is that the LCBO does take their rum selection seriously.
  25. Since I enjoy a variety of different rums, I'd want a selection of rums. Certainly a white rum in the style of the French islands, an aged spiced rum along the lines of Foursquare Spiced rum - without added sugar cane syrup, and a couple of aged rums. The bottom line is that there's no rum that I'd like to drink to the exclusion of all others and if I had my own rum, I'd be partial to it.
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