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    Hello All

    Greetings Fulcrum_29, I now your pain, I am from Montreal and we have one of the worst rum selections in Canada. I think that BC imports the Cruzan brands. If I am correct RUN to your closest shop and do yourself a favour and pick up the Estate Diamond 5 YO. Then jump up to Single Barrel if you have the cash. I am currently in Cape Breton NS and they just enlarged their Rum selection in Noca Scotia due to the International Rum Festival. They now stock the following (most at great prices): Doorly's XO $44.54 CAD San Miguel 5 YO $23.45 and 7 YO $26.33 CAD Mount Gay XO $36.49 CAD Coyopa 10 YO $68.94 CAD Goslin's Balck Seal $25.09 CAD Matusalem Classico DR $29.09 CAD Botran Anejo $33.08 & Solera $54.25 CAD Zacapa $59.22 CAD El Dorado 5 YO 26.36 & 12 YO $30.85 $ 15 YO $39.59 CAD Cadenhead 25 YO $117.16 CAD Barbancourt 15 YO $34.90 The all new Appleton Reserve $27.95 CAD Abuelo Reserve $27.95 CAD Captain Morgan Private Stock $35.59 CAD Angostura 12 YO $72.21 & 8 YO $35.65 CAD Cuzan Estate Diamond 5 YO $ 25.95 & Single Barrel $49.95 CAD ... and others of course If you know someone in the Maritimes, now you have a valid excuse to cross the country rum running... and also visit of course Cheers
  2. Dan Smith

    What to get from Puerto Rico?

    Another for for the Barrilitos. The 3 star is in my top
  3. Greetings, Pyratt XO is in my top 5 best and I always have a few stocked up. I had the honor of drinking a bottle of the Cask 23, (I was lucky and found a sale for $99.99 a year ago in Costa Mesa CA) wow is all that I can say. I like the El Dorado 12 YO better than the 15. Give the 12 a try, you might like it. If you like fruity and sweet rums minus the smoky oak here are a few that have been overlooked and should be mentioned; Doorly's (peppery and kinda sherry like), San Miguel 7 YO (From Ecuador not the one from the Philippines, it's very citrus/fruity close to the "Cuban Style" without the sometimes thick overwhelming caramel taste of too many Cubans) and Grand Blasson (close to San Miguel but much more expensive if your mixing, but better if sipping straight)... Cheers
  4. Dan Smith

    Ron Zacapa

    Greetings, I've now seen it popping up on a few German sites. See picture below The following is a "Google" translation from the original German text from: Spirituosen Superbillig Here is another translation from another German site: http://www.rum-versand.de/ I wonder when this will hit North America? I am going to Germany in March, you can bet that I'll pick one up. It's listed at 59.99 Euro and 60.95 Euro. Not too bad, if it's better that the original. This is all very exciting... keep your eyes peeled for this one. Cheers, Dan
  5. Dan Smith

    Ron Zacapa

    Ahhhhh now I understand. You have tried this one... (see picture below) and not the NEW Black Label ... See picture in first post... Sam's doesn't have the Black Label Zacapa, only the original. Thanks Kendall
  6. Dan Smith

    Pyrat "Pistol"

    Greetings Ed, Are you saying that there's a lot of "added" ingredients to the Pyrats? Cheers, Dan
  7. Dan Smith

    Ron Zacapa

    Kendall, Hey there, I have a few questions for you... You say that you don’t like the Black label, but do you like the original? How does it compare to it? Where did you buy it and how much did you pay? Is it a 700ml or 750ml? Cheers
  8. Dan Smith

    Ron Zacapa

    I hope that it's not only sold in 700ml formats. If so, then the US will never get it, and I doubt very strongly that the "Government" controlled Canadian Liquor Boards will bring this baby in... Lets pray that Mr. Edvin Najera feels that the US has good enough potential for this new Zacapa and make a 750ml for export... We shall see...
  9. Dan Smith

    Atlanta Liquor Stores ?

    Greetings, Well I'm off to Atlanta next week, and the rum searching continues. I'm of course looking for large shops with lots of premiums. Thanks to all once again for the help... Cheers
  10. Dan Smith

    Pyrat "Pistol"

    Greetings, The Pyrat family of rums are all great, well to me. I have Pistol, ,X.O., and Cask 23 open at this time. I like the XO a little better than the Pistol. The Cask 23 is my favourite, but I drink far more XO due to the cost. I buy my XO for $29.99 and my Cask 23 for $99.99. It's harder to find Cask 23 and it's usually at $230 + The XO is my favourite rum, and I always drink these on the rock. I personally LOVE every aspect of these rums, the smell, multiple flavours and lingering after taste (except my girlfriend complain about my breath the next morning when I've had too many Pyrats... Long live CJ Planter Cheerrs
  11. Dan Smith

    Rum Specialty Shops in USA?

    Greetings, I also live in the tightly controlled Canadian liquor environment. I probably live in the worst rum province, Quebec. I travel frequently to the US due to business and have visited MANY liquor stores in more than 35 States. If you plan on travelling to Miami, do not fear even the worst stores has at least one or two good ones. FLORIDA IS RUM HEAVEN of North America. I will provide my working list of good shops in the US for you. Anyone who reads this, PLEASE add to the list. We should try to compile a list of the better liquor shops so that we can help all of those people that are looking for good rum in their area. Here's what I've got so far... John Walker Wine & Spirits - (415) 986-2707 - 175 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94104 - Pampero, Pyratt XO, Barrilito 3 Star Blanchard Liquors - (617) 327-1400 - 418 Lagrange St., West Roxbury, MA 02132 - Barrilito, Pampero Blanchard Liquors - (617) 782-9500 - 103 Harvard Ave., Allston, MA 02134 - Barrilito 3 Star, Barcelo Emperador Binney's Beverage Depot - (773) 935-9400 - 3000 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60657 (10 Locations in Northern IL) - Too many to list Sam’s Wines & Spirits - 1-866-726-7946 - 1720 N Marcey St., Chicago, IL 60614 - Too many to list Hi-Time Wine Cellars - 1-800-331-3005 - 250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, CA 92627 - Too many to list Martin Wine Cellar - (504) 899-7411 - 3827 Baronne St., New Orleans, LA 70115 - Everything but Pyratt XO and Zacapa Fiesta Beverage Mart - 6200 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, TX 77081 - Pampero, Flor De Cana Brand, Pyratt XO Fikes-Parkhill Liquor & Wines - 5111 S Lewis Ave., Tulsa, OK 74105 - Appleton 21 YO, Pampero, Sea Wynde Burton's Liquor Mart - 6533 E 71st St., Tulsa, OK 74133 - Great Prices & good selection Miami Liquors - (305) 643-5311 - 2159 NW 7th St., Miami, FL 33125 - Everything you can dream of Albertson's Liquor - (954) 435-8000 - 8030 Pines Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33024 - Santa-Teresa, Pampero Well that's it for me, not bad for a Canadian ... EH? Cheers
  12. Dan Smith

    Denver Liquor Stores?!?!

    Greetings, Can anyone give some recommendations? I'm looking for Ron Del Barralito 3 Star, Pyratt XO and/or Pampero Anniversario (or a good surprise...) Thanks again all of you... Cheers
  13. Dan Smith

    Denver Liquor Stores?!?!

    Greetings Robin the Former Denverite, I have purchased Ron Del Barrilito 3 Star at the following locations within the past 6 months: John Walker Wine & Spirits - (415) 986-2707 - 175 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94104 @ $28.99 Blanchard Liquors - (617) 327-1400 - 418 Lagrange St., West Roxbury, MA 02132 Blanchard Liquors - (617) 782-9500 - 103 Harvard Ave., Allston, MA 02134 Binney's Beverage Depot - (773) 935-9400 - 3000 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60657 @ $19.99 Sam’s Wines & Spirits - 1-866-726-7946 - 1720 N Marcey St., Chicago, IL 60614 @ $19.99 Hi-Time Wine Cellars - 1-800-331-3005 - 250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, CA 92627 @ $27.99 I hope that you live close to one of these locations... Cheers
  14. Dan Smith

    Denver Liquor Stores?!?!

    WOW, great help everyone. I will go to as many as possible. I'm dying to get more Barralito 3 star... My stock is running low, I only have 1 1/2 bottles left... Thanks again everyone
  15. Dan Smith

    L.A. Area Liquor stores?

    Greetings, I often travel to the greater LA area. I have only found one store, south of Orange County, that satisfies me. It's called Hi-Times Wine Cellars. All aroud great place for rare alcohol, lots of cigars in a nice walk in humidor, a million types of wines and a great selection of Port. Click HERE for the rum list at Hi Times. It's about 40 miles / 45 minutes south of LAX, NOT counting TRAFIC... head there between 12:30 and 2:30 of well after 7pm. From LAX take 405 South, then 55 (Costa Messa Fwy) South to Newport Beach to end of freeway. Continue south on Newport Blvd for about a mile no more, then turn LEFT on 16th Ave, LEFT on Westminister Ave and it's on the corner of Ogle and Westminister Well worth the trip. Cheers
  16. Dan Smith


    Santa Teresa 1796 Solera
  17. Dan Smith

    Liberacion Rum

    Paint Thinner?!?!? I hope not. It cost me a lot to get these to me. I can't wait to get it and try it out. Living here in Montreal I can buy Havana Club as I please. I have had many bottles indeed. There is a distinctive after taste (the same as Sea Wynde) that I do not like. If I drink a lot of those rums, I feel sick. I think it when they add a lot of caramel, I'm not sure but would like to know what that taste is.
  18. Greetings, As I have just posted in the Liberacion thread, I have just ordered 2 Cuban rums, Liberacion 15 Anos and Legendario 7 Anos. I will post notes when I get these two in. Cheers
  19. Dan Smith

    Liberacion Rum

    Greetings Dave, I too have just recently ordered 2 Cuban rums. One of them is the Liberacion 15 Year Old. I love Cuban rum and have tried several. I am told that the Liberacion is better than Varadero and Caribbean Club. Vara and CC are much better than Havana Club (Sorry Kendall). If the Liberacion is indeed better than both the Varadero and the Caribbean Club, it will probably give Santiago de Cuba Anejo and Matusalem Anejo Superior a run for it's money. I should get it in a few weeks. After a week or so of sipping, I will post my notes. Cheers
  20. Dan Smith

    Montecristo Rum

    I also have a bottle in my collection. I have not opened it yet, I've been concentrating on Barrilito 3 Star, Matusalem Classico and El Dorado Superior for the past 2 weeks. I'm going to be posting my amateur tasting notes on these as soon as I get more acquainted with them. Once that's done I going to open my Montecristo bottle along with Ron Cuba Liberacion 15 Anos and Ron Cuba Legendario 7 Anos. I should have a good impression of the Montecristo in a couple of weeks. I'll let you all know.
  21. Dan Smith

    The Research Continues

    Have a good trip. It was great meeting you also and I am really enjoying your book. It's a great tool for anyone that is planning a trip, or has been, to the Caribbean and must for all rum aficionados. It's really got me dreaming of the my next trip to the Caribbean and going to all those fine place so well described in your book and experiencing it. Bring back some new rums and of course more info so we keep dispelling all those rumors. P.s.: I'm having a 'Ti Punch party next Saturday with my friends. Of course I do not have the real sugar cane syrup, but I did as you said and made it with 50/50 water and demerara sugar. I'm getting some Saint James Amber for the occasion.
  22. Greetings, I just wanted to say that I LOVE RUM and that I am enjoying a fine one that a friend just brought back from Ecuador. It's called Ron San Miguel 7 YO. It's the first rum in my collection that's distilled in a country that does not touch the Caribbean Sea [or North Sea as it was known in Sir Francis Drake and Don Diego Ledesma Paredes y Guzman Orvantes time (better known as Admiral Ledesma)]. It's a surprisingly pale yellow rum for a 7 YO. One would think that it's no more than 3 years old. It's sweet, not heavy, nor dry, but a little strong and slight fruity finish. A 4 star (out of 5) in my books. I once read that the better you are at drinking, the worse you are at thinking. Lets prove them wrong and write about what you are drinking and thinking... Cheers
  23. Dan Smith

    White Rum

    Greetings, This thread has caused me to open my bottle of Carta Blanca Matusalem from Cuba. I must first tell you this sad but true story. A friend of mine went on a vacation to Cuba a few months ago and of course I jumped on the occasion to get some rum. I told the person in question to bring back Matusalem Anejo Superior and Santiago de Cuba Anejo. Well I got both of them, but he grabbed the wrong Matusalem and I ended up with the Carta Blanca Having said that and as I previously stated, this thread inspired me to give the Carta Blanca a shot (no pun intended). Here are my tasting notes from late last night: Color: Very pale yellow, nearly white. Nose: Fruity Tasting Notes: There is no sweetness in this rum. It starts off harsh, strong and hot, yet it remains very drinkable. It soon develops some very pronounced fruitiness and maybe even a buttery? finish. It embarrasses many dark anejo rums in my collection and has changed my view of white rums. It tastes like my last vacation to Cuba!
  24. Greetings, After speaking with Jim Tirrel from Matusalem, I was informed that the Classic Black 7 YO will be coming back. They had too much pressure, especially from European markets, after announcing that it will be discontinued. As all other Matusalem products at this time (excluding Cuba of course) it will be from the DR. This is a fine general market rum that is an okay sipper, but a great mixer. I wonder if it will be the same out of the DR? We shall see... Cheers, Dan
  25. Cheers I have a bottle of Abuelo Reserva (now empty) in my collection. I bought it at the famous Albertson’s in Pembroke Pines in FL. I was told that it is distilled in Cuba and sent in bulk to Panama for bottling and re-labeling under the Abuelo banner for sale in the US. Another rumor? How can we ever validate such statements? Always seeking the truth (and new rums) Dan! P.s.: I can’t remember the Abuelo too much, I drank the bottle fast while traveling and did not take tasting notes back then. I remember that it was not among my favorites, but better than most.