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  1. we made a reservation tonight at Le 21, and I've only just consulted the forum. is it really a bad choice? does anyone have anything good to say about this place?
  2. i personally prefer gelati from Pozzetto on rue de roi de sicile. their gianduia gelato has an intense flavor but light texture. anyone?
  3. a bit obscene but i had breakfast at Katz's the other day and I can honestly say that was one of the best breakies I've ever had.
  4. miss d

    Per Se

    thanks everyone for your advices! per se has been informed about the allergies and i'm excited to see just how they will accommodate us! is it true that we should fast for 2 days before going? so much good food in new york, i don't even know if i'll be able to skip lunch on the day of the big dinner... does anyone know approximately how many courses?
  5. miss d

    Per Se

    We have a reservation for Per Se on Halloween night. We're traveling with another couple from Paris just for the restaurant! My boyfriend has all these food allergies, including peanuts, sesame and shellfish, I was just wondering if anyone has made such requests to the restaurant before and how did they accommodate?
  6. you should also think about booking a table at the comptoir at odeon, looking at a month's wait as well.
  7. excusez-moi, question indiscrete: how much did your breakfast bill run up to?
  8. going to paris next weekend... good eats for little euros? can anyone suggest something? thanks.
  9. evilhomer! the riverdale market sounds fantastic! how did you access there so quickly from queen & john? did you take the streetcar? also, is it a daily thing? 3pm and onwards?
  10. what about titanic? fairly reasonable prices..
  11. this is just what i've been seeing in the t dot, lesley. we all know montreal is the purveyor of culinary innovation... and when i said david, i meant david chrystian of the drake
  12. i can sense a poutine revival... jamie's doing it, david is doing it...
  13. why don't you try isakaya on parc @ prince arthur it's a cute little japanese bistro, family-run (the ones responsible for katsura's fame back in the day ) they have this special menu, only in japanese that treasures the most un-generic delicacies. mr. minegawa would be more than happy to help with your selections if japanese isn't your forte. i'm sure they whip up pretty tasty chicken teriyaki too for your particular friend.
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