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  1. I'm coming down to Austin for a little relaxation, food, and the hot sauce festival. What are the best places to hit for Mexican these days? When I was there earlier in the year I really loved Joe's Bakery for breakfast. I'm looking for low end to high end this time. Rodney Podnah's Pit BBQ
  2. I used to live close to Sam's and would frequent it late at night. One time I was standing in line and there was an argument going on between a customer and a hooker in line behind me. He was wanting to give her some business and she was on break. When it was my turn to order they both decided to cut in front of me and say they were next. The lady taking orders put them both in their place and told them to "Leave the white boy alone and let him order his food" We didn't make it there last year but definitely will this year. Good Idea Rodney
  3. I'm bringing the staff down again in April for another barbecue trip. We will hit all the usual spots surrounding Austin but I'm curious about what is going on in Austin proper right now. Who is cooking in an all wood pit these days? Or, if not that, what is the best in the city? Thanks for any tips Rodney Podnah's Pit Barbecue
  4. I had heard about Mueller's and I was sad. I used to live pretty close to Sam's and I was a late night regular. We'll add that to the list for sure.
  5. I don't know if anyone will remember the thread "Texas Gluttony" from a few years ago but we are coming back for more. Podnah's Pit Barbecue will be headed south on April 20 for 4 days of "research" on bbq, beer, and TexMex. We are going to hit Lockhart, Lulling, Gonzales, and Taylor. Is there anything opened recently in Austin that we shouldn't miss? See You Soon Rodney
  6. Thanks Frank One of my friends there has mentioned the pizza place. Is the Mars you mention the same one that was over by the university when I lived there? I used to really enjoy that place. Rodney
  7. Well it's been 3 years. After working the local farmers markets with a trailer pit and one night a week at a friends restaurant I've finally opened my own restaurant. We've been open since November and so far it's quite a hit. But, I've been working 80 hours a week for the last 5 months and I decided I need a break. So the wife and I are coming back for "mini gluttony part II" at the end of May. I say mini gluttony because I plan on sitting by the pool at the Austin Motel and drinking margaritas at Guerros for at least half of each day. Any new places in town? I hear John Mueller shut his place down?? Can't wait to get back to Texas. Rodney
  8. Was it the type of Weber that you would have to lift the lid every time you want to tend the fire? If so, I'd recommend buying a Weber bullet before the next try. Keeping a steady temperature is one of the keys to succesful smoking and every time you lift the lid you let out that precious heat, moisture, and pressure built up inside the chamber. Rodney
  9. Where to begin... Seriously, if anyone has any questions, I am very happy to answer them here, via email to eric@cellartracker.com, or at www.cellartracker.com/forum. I don't want to overstep my bounds by overpromoting, so I would prefer to respond rather than spam if you know what I mean. ← Hey Eric Nice to see you on egullet. Rodney in Portland
  10. Consacrer, For the first time visitor it is best to stick with the plain pie (cheese) or the marg. Combinations are limited to 3 ingredients with no more than 1 meat. I'd go with the sausage or hot capicollo. As for times to go either be in line at 4:45 or wait until after 8 but not later than 8:30. Usually out of dough by 9-9:30 Rodney
  11. I'm relatively new to the area and in the wine business, as well. Haven't had luck finding a regular tasting group in Portland, so if anyone is interested in possibly starting one...I was in a great one for a few years with an interesting mix of current and former wine & restaurant people. I found it always interesting - and always humbling! ← I would be interested although I am working 6 days/week now. But I could make it to some I'm sure. Rodney
  12. The first time I had a Calon Segur, Bordeaux, the first thing i thought was black olives. It was very pronounced on the nose and the palate. I loved it personally but I also love olives. rodney
  13. Thanks for the report byrdhouse. I've been hearing about New Sammy's for a while myself but I haven't made it down yet. I've heard the food is worth the trip and they have one of the better wine lists in the state. Now I've gotta plan a trip south. rodney
  14. Don't worry Kyle, You'll forget all about that pizza when you get to Portland. rodney
  15. I used to work for Saul. A very cool guy who is definitely serious about food. He was one of the, if not THE, Smith street pioneers who does deserve more praise. Rodney
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