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  1. I realized i never posted my source for brisket. Good thing someone else did. Better Meats was just a block from my house all along. The price was decent (see above). Its IBP vac pac meat, but it was good and reasonable. I'll probably check cash and carry though.
  2. I have been getting my Brisket from Central Market in shoreline. It is on sale sometimes, but usually it is $4/lb or more. I am going to try shopping for it in the ID. Meat grading doesn't mean much anyway, especially with respect to brisket. The grades just identify the degree of marbelling in the meat. Brisket isn't going to be very marbeled anyway, so I am not too worried about it.
  3. So, where can I get good beef brisket with a nice layer of fat in Seattle without paying $4-5/lb? It seems that brisket isn't a big seller in Seattle. A lot of stores don't have it, and when they do, it is usually $4-5/lb. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I can find it for $2-3, but really even that isn't a very good price. A few weeks ago, in preparation for a day of smoking, I headed up to the Costco in Lynnwood, because I heard they sometimes carried it. No luck. I then stopped at a Safeway, an Albertsons and a Top Foods on my way back to Seattle. Still no luck. I finally stopped at Central market, since I was pretty sure they would have it. I got a few thin peices trimmed of all fat for $5/lb. Brisket shouldn't be lean, not when you are smoking it -- the fat helps keep it moist durring its long incarceration in the smoker. It shouldn't be that expensive either, but it was sick of searching for it. In contrast, my father-in-law never pays more than $2/lb in Texas, and he can get nice big chunks. Thanks in advance.
  4. I also like the Chai at Cedars. It isn't too sweet or too cinnamony and refills are free.
  5. I am quite fond of the Butter chicken at Cedars on Brooklyn. It is chunks of tandori chicken in a tangy tomato cream sauce. Not sure how "authentic" it is, but it sure is good. A former co-worker from Madras noted that it was quite difficult to find any southern indian food in the US. He was going to take to such a place on a business trip to NYC, but I didn't have the time.
  6. Col. Klink, I have to agree, Dixie's isn't particularly inspiring BBQ. Lots of people seem to come for "The Man," but BBQ should be all about the meat, not the sauce. Fortunately, now that I can turn out excellent ribs and brisket at home, I no longer dispair that I have been unable to find truly great BBQ in the Seattle region.
  7. I have gotten over Red Mill burgers. I like the toppings, but the meat is merely ordinary and the special sauce is excessive. Scooters isn't bad, but I don't think it has anything on Red Mill in the burger department. I like the burgers at the various McMinnemin's pubs (I know I didn't spell that right), but it isn't as quick as a good burger place should be. Surely someone must have a lead on good burger buns. I have been using bolo rolls, but agree with Mamaster's assessment that they are a bit too substantial.
  8. I haven't been in a while (they stopped serving lunch on the weekdays), but the steak sandwitch at the the Triangle Lounge in freemont was long one of my favorite lunches. tasty charbroiled beef on an onion kaiser roll with carmelized onions, melted cheese (provolone, I think) and a mild chipotle mayo for ~$7. Not even close to philly-style, as far as I know, but damn good.
  9. Near Carmelita, the 74th Street ale house has some good salads and hot sandwiches. 7 Stars pepper is a new chineese place that I have been pretty happy with so far. Much better than its predecessors. A few doors down is a new branch of Pho Bac. Old Country Buffet was a disappointment. Was craving some good cafeteria food, but that wasn't it. Some of it was Ok, but I don't think it compairs to what I have had at Luby's or Furrs in Texas. They didn't even have chicken fried steak!
  10. Ate at the Kabob house shortly after it opened. I found the food hot, kind of dry, but not otherwise flavorful. I was disappointed because it is just a few blocks from my house. I really should go back though. It isn't really fair to write off a place after it has only been in business a few weeks.
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