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  1. I have both the Mirage and Cadet. The Mirage is the workhorse and can be setup most anywhere. It's the one almost everyone gets. It has 100 "energy" settings, and temperature settings that range down to about 80 degrees F--in 5 degree increments. I go back and forth between the two systems. The biggest problem is that the induction surges at startup before settling down to a preset temperature. Still, overall, it's a terrific unit. I'd buy it again. The dream would be to have a Control Freak!
  2. Sadly, I've been away far too long here in SOCAL. These days, I'm interested in cultural fusion between Asian and local Californian cuisine--especially Japanese and Thai.
  3. I may need your protection! Ray
  4. Hi Everyone, I've made my career as a scientist and researcher, but have dabbled in cooking as an amateur--even did a few taste studies when I was a faculty member at Cornell University school of hotel management. but Seven years ago, I decided to build up from scratch a small home cooking kitchen that would rely on induction and convection--and be ergonomic friendly. My induction units are from Vollrath, and I have two inexpensive Oster ovens--a toaster and a roaster. I have two separate sets of pans--one set are enameled cast iron, the other are stainless. I have selected them to carry out cooking at lower temperatures--around 250 degrees. I steam in several ways--mostly with an insert--and I often use my Staub crepe pan for a lots more than pancakes. If I can, I always try to consider new products and technologies. In eci, I have a Staub perfect pan as a home cook substitute for a wok, and Hestan nanobond for my 11" fry pan. If I could afford it, my next step for induction would be the control freak. In cutlery, I'm interested in fusion between Eastern and Western kitchen knives--especially involving newer processes. My most recent interest for cultural fusion is the Japanese deba (I've just reviewed the Kai Seki Magoroku Kinju on Chowhound), and my most interest for new processes are dual core knives. More than anything, my number one goal is to have fun! Ray
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