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Zengo Restaurant

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Let me start by saying if you have not been to zengo definetly make the trip. Last Week I took a trip to Denver and while trying to find a restaurant to dine at I came across Zengo. At first glance of the menu I was very intrigued. The idea of merging two different cuisines like Japanese and Latin got my thoughts perculating and I decided this is definetly a place I have to try.

Upon arrival I was greeted by the GM Paul who was very gracious to have me and my lady friend dining with them for the evening. We were seated promptly and soon met our server Milo. Drink orders were taken and delivered quickly.

From here on out is the meal I was able to experience.

1st course

Hamachi Tartare with pckiled papaya, red onion, shiso, and citrus soy

This kitchen wanted us to try the dish so it came as a surprise to us. The flavors worked great together and presentation was creative. My lady freind who does not eat raw fish commented on how it was delicious and she would eat it again.

2nd Course (Sushi Rolls)

Vegetariano- Hearts of plam, Asparagus, cucumber, avacado, mango, and chile toreado rouille

Lobster- Maine Lobster, Cream cheese, Pickled Red Onion, Cucumber, Truffle Oil, Habanero-Chive Aioli

These two rolls were both great although IMHO the lobster was a bit bland I was expecting a bit more of the truffle oil to shine through.

3rd course

Potstickers: Lobster, Rock Shrimp, Scallions, Lemon-Wasabi Sauce

The Flavors here were good. Although I was expecting pan fried dumplings rather than steamed. The sauce was fantastic.

4th Course

Seared Foie Gras, Pan de elote, plum, habanero, hibiscus reduction

I will go so far as to say this was the best foie I've had this year. I'm personally not a fan of sweet (breakfast like) sets for fois but this was amazing. It was seared perfectly with beautiful score marks. All component of the dish worked great with each other as wellas on their own. I went out on a ledge and decided to pair the foie with a Tozai (nigori, osaka) Sake. This was an amaizng pairing the sake was light and sweet but cut perfectly through the fat of the foie. (nice choice Milo) This was another dish were my lady friend had never experienced and she absolutely fell in love with the creamy fattiness of that which is foie gras.

5th Course (Desserts)

Ancho Chile Chocolate Passion Mousse Cake:

Chocolate, Coconut, Passionfruit Cream, and Pecan

Tres Chocolates: Warm Mexican Chocolate Milk Foam, Sesame Brittle Ice Cream, Flourless Chocolate Brownie, Grand Mariner- White Chocolate Raspberry Glace.

All I can say about these is WOW!! That is by far the best Hot Chocolate I have ever had in my life.

So once again let me say take the trip to Zengo next time you are in Denver.

Zengo Restaurant

1610 Little Raven Street, Riverfront Park

Denver, CO. 80202


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