Hello everyone I would like to try some mocktail recipes, nothing complex, just to have fun with different kind of syrups.   How would you proceed for a "non-alcoholic sour" ? I guess it has to be topped with soda water/tonic water or ginger ale, collins glass then. Let’s call it non-alcoholic fizz or Collins then   How to make the drink? The first time I tried something like this, I shook 1 oz of lemon juice and 1 oz of simple syrup like I would shake a normal cocktail. Even if it is obvious, I didn't think at the moment that a good part of the liquid would freeze. I felt kinda stupid when I tried to strain it. So what is the best option? -          Build the drink? I’ve read that carbonation naturally mixes the drink but does it really mix well if it contains citrus? -          or shake the drink with fewer (one or two) ice cube like bartenders from Death & Co do for a Mai Tai for instance. The aim is not dilution here but merely to combine citrus and sugar.   Shaking it seems to be more efficient but if building it is enough to make a decent drink, I would gladly do that.   What about ratio? Basically for a sour, the ratio is 2:0,75;0,75 (sugar can be reduced to 0,5). When no alcohol is used, is there a ratio we can use for having a good balance ? 1 of citrus and 0,75 of sugar maybe? In a Collins glass (10oz), that would allow room for 4 oz of whatever carbonated liquid we want to add. But again, top the drink with 4 oz of soda water and 4 oz of ginger ale will not have the same balance so I guess that amount of syrup need to be adjusted in consequence. It is harder than it looks   any advice?