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Time Warner Columbus Circle "Food Court"

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There is obviously a lot of excitement in food geek circles (like here on eGullet) surrounding the opening of several high-end places in the new Time Warner building. I just made a reservation at Per Se and I know I am excited.

That said, there seems to be quite a bit of uncertainty about the potential for the project, and several high profile chefs are putting their necks on the proverbial chopping block and takign the plunge.

Even the unflappable Thomas Keller had this to say in Time Magazine:

  "The only two ways we are going to fail is if the building is a flop, or if we fail as a team." He pauses and smiles faintly. "So the thing is, will the building fail?" And that, finally, is something even the perfectionist Thomas Keller cannot control.

What are the thoughts on this in New York restaurant circles?

Can the concept of a high-end "Food Court" work and can (and will) the city (as big and wealthy as it is) support so many new places so close together?

And if it fails in the end, what impact would it have on the chefs who tried to make a go of it?

Bill Russell

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Sorry, I didn't finish my thought.

Right now I would say that New York has gone restaurant crazy again, as it did before 9/11 and people are eager for new important places. If there was ever a time for these to succeed, I think this is it.

People will get used to going up in elevators or escalators, or whatever.

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Now that I have ascended the escalators at the Time Warner buidling and seen the views from some of the restaurants, I'm sure people will go. Thomas Keller at per Se has a breathtaking one but so do others.

The retail I can't answer whether people will ride up and down or not.

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