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The Black Pig Restaurant

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Sorry to hear that Tony thought his meal at Black Pig was not up to expectations - I have eaten there twice within the past week, both times I felt were of a very high standard, particularly the second time on Friday lunchtime when Nathan produced for me and a guest the most fabulous off-menu six course meal.

I believe from Basildog, whose restaurant I am also no stranger to, that he intends to take the trip across the estuary sometime in the near future. It'll be interesting to see how he thinks Nathan's kitchen has settled in by then.

PS The pigeon really was fantastic!

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Thanks for the welcome, Andy, I have followed the forum for a while and now feel I can make the odd contribution.

As Basildog will no doubt confirm, I like my food! In fact we came to Padstow for a 6-month sabbatical 5 years ago and - two and a half stone later - we are still here. Both wife (Homing Pigeon) and 8 year old son(Racing Pigeon) are also lovers of fine cuisine.

There are a number of excellent restaurants in this area now and a few more in the pipe-line. Ones we eat at most frequently include the Stein establishments (out of season), the outstanding Ripleys and the incomparable Basildog's. Of course, Nathan's new Black Pig has now joined the list. There are also a number of other perfectly pleasant restaurants we visit on a less regular basis.

Even previous food deserts such as Newquay have exciting plans on the culinary front and are to receive some serious investment from local chefs and entrepreneurs in the near future - I/Basildog will keep you posted as things progress.

Am dashing off to Monaco with Racing Pigeon for the Grand Prix this weekend, will post a more detailed description of the Black Pig when I return next week.

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Great avatar WP. I think Nathan's pigeon dish was a clear indication of his ability. As a Londoner I'm unclear about what dishes will work in a place like Rock all year round and out of season. Should he "go for it" and damn the consequences? Or hold things back and go for the general trade? He's obviously aiming a touch above Margot's in terms of culinary ambition ( no disrespect to Basildog) but is he in the right place at the right time.

I think maybe "yes" but you'd know better.

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no offence taken...I have found my level :wink:

The Black Pig will fly...we have enough gastro tourists to warrant the kind of cooking (i think) Nathan is aiming for.Plus we do have a resident population who are not afraid of trying something new.

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A Tasting Menu at Black Pig Restaurant, Rock

Chef Nathan Outlaw

6 Course Tasting Menu

6 Wines to Accompany

Tuesday 1st July 2003

Lounge Suits 7.30 for 8.00 p.m.

Tickets £65 / £60 wineclub members

This has been lifted from Bintwo.com sites newsletter, and it's one of the resons that i dropped out of the St John dinner...i'm not made of money :raz:

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Was looking forward to the comedy crockery. What a shame we did'nt eat off any at the Tasting Dinner!

Simple site that reflects the physical style of the restaurant. But no phone number. 01208 862622 if any one wants it.


Padstow, Cornwall

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