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Lung King Heen, Hong Kong - the most popular cantonese restaurant in the world

Bu Pun Su

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To say Lung King Heen is the most famous Cantonese restaurant is (probably) an understatement. Ever since Michelin came to Hong Kong and awarded its highest accolade to LKH, the first one among ‘Chinese’ restaurant … in an instant, the restaurant became the main talking points among foodies. Thanks to its big capacity, making a reservation here generally has not been too difficult. Having been here for dim sum with family for a couple of times and trying its seasonal tasting menu for dinner, last year’s Fall, I ultimately went for what many considered the restaurant’s “best” – traditional canton degustation menu.


Nothing really changed with LKH’s understated décor and relaxed atmosphere. Families with small children especially during (weekend) lunch were often encountered. The service has been consistently good – affable, polite and attentive. Given its reputation and location at the luxurious Four Seasons hotel, there were plenty of foreign diners. The staffs get used to this situation and handled them comfortably. While the often-found dishes such as deep-friend crab stuffed in shell or braised abalone with cucumber were well executed (as expected), I was surprised by how well the kitchen prepared more humble dishes.


For example,

-Superior pottage was thick, fragrant and rich. There were some shredded chicken and small amount of fish maw, carrot, and scallions provided some extra layers of textures. The first few bytes might be intense, but it felt more enjoyable and easier to consume afterwards; complex but tasty  

-Braised Australian spinach was mild and soft, accompanied by the tender and fragrant bamboo mushroom as well as crunchy maitake. The clear and clean stock nicely tied all of these ingredients altogether

The restaurant’s famous fried rice was the last dish prior to the dessert in every tasting menu offered here if not mistaken. Looking back to my past meals … I think I always have this seafood fried rice every time I have a meal at Lung King Heen and it never disappointed. The seafood was generously served, producing fragrant and flavorful ‘main course’ with distinctive rice grains.


By a small margin, among all my meals here - this was my favorite one at LKH … nevertheless, consistent to my past experiences it’s never reached the height of some 3-star dining places I experienced in Europe and Japan. In my notes, the food has been performing at a (very) good 2-star level with good harbor views and professional service – comforting and safe; I doubt anyone would have any bad meal here.


Meal photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/7124357@N03/sets/72157708512946794

More detailed review: https://zhangyuqisfoodjourneys.blogspot.com/2019/05/lung-king-heen-chan-yan-tak.html


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