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Restaurant La Porte, Montreal - REVIEW


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Dined at La Porte, Friday January 15th, 18PM

Cuisine: French Fine Dining

Find fully detailed photo & text report on:

Find this dinner's fully detailed photo and text report on my blog at:


Picked the 8 course tasting menu.

Here are some Highlights of that multi course menu

->Oyster tartare, truffled scallops, Parsnip Velouté - Finally a mise en bouche that's daring/moving on a Montreal fine dining table. I have always reproached the big majority of Mtl's finest tables to not be enoughly daring when it comes to mise en bouche. That is not the case of this one mise en bouche: The creamy parnsip velouté was of perfect creaminess, sporting an enjoyable subtly sweet taste . It was topping a meaty flavorful tartare of impeccably fresh oyster. Even the chip that came with that velouté was remarquable: very tasty, enjoyably crunchy. A stunning mise en bouche.

->Oyster ravioli, cabbage, ham, duck foie emulsion - The ravioli had perfect al dente mouthsome. The emulsion was light, and very well concocted. The fresh crunchy tasty cabbage was pure delish and the crunchy piece of samphire that was topping the overall was oozing of freshness. Another 5 star course with moving/daring/spectacular tastebud pleasing well balanced savors.

->Scallops, tapenade of blood pudding, apple cider, buckwheat sarrasin - The scallop was fresh, tender and tasty but the star ingredient there was definitely the blood pudding: I never had, in Montreal, all finest tables of this city included, a blood pudding that is as stunningly succulent and expertly concoted as this one. Kudos too for the apple cider reduction that came along the dish. Heavenly delicious.

Excellent dessert (Citrus salad, hazelnut ice cream, Vanilla/Ginger/Coconut cream) + Mignardises.

Decor is elegant, cozy, romantic.

Service was ok.

RESTAURANT LA PORTE, MONTREAL - Citrus salad, hazelnut ice cream, Vanilla,Ginger,Coconut cream.jpg


RESTAURANT LA PORTE, MONTREAL - Oyster ravioli, cabbage, ham, duck foie emulsion.jpg

RESTAURANT LA PORTE, MONTREAL - Oyster tartare, truffled scallops, Parsnip Velouté.jpg

RESTAURANT LA PORTE, MONTREAL - Scallops, tapenade of blood pudding, apple cider, buckwheat sarrasin.jpg

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