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New Restaurant from Owners of Oceanos?


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This took me WAAAY too long to find, but once you start you can't stop


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oceanos owners plan second Greek restaurant

The Panteleakis family, which owns Oceanos, will open Taverna Mykonos, a Greek restaurant, in Elmwood Park in late spring.

Peter Panteleakis (above, right) and his wife Barbara, who started in the diner business, graduated to fish markets and family restaurants, and now preside over the popular fine dining restaurant in Fair Lawn, plan a casual space, a full bar, and a classic Greek menu developed by their sons Nikos (above, left) and Demetrios, with entrees under $20.

It’s being constructed inside a building Panteleakis owns but had leased to the owners of The Escape, a restaurant and club on Broadway (Route 4 east). Eventually, the family plans to run a Greek coffeehouse in the space next door.


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I called Oceanos last wk to find out when they were opening. The gentleman who answered the phone said possibly this wk (July 5). Looking forward to a more casual version of their Fair Lawn spot.

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