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Seattle Rest. w/ online Gift Certificates

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This is short notice, and unorthodox, so apologies in advance.

We have a colleague who is leaving our office :( and moving to Seattle. One of the ideas for a send off gift is to give her a gift certificate for a nice restaurant in Seattle. As the timing is a little tight, it would have to be one that somehow does online gift certificates. Since nice places likely have no such thing I might be out of luck. But I thought I would ask in the Seattle forum.

Price range would be around 100 to 150 for a couple.

Thanks a bunch!


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I think most restaurants would welcome the opportunity to pre-sell you a gift certificate and either email you or send a paper certificate.

I received one from Canlis a couple of years ago - it was a small card tucked into a suede envelope tucked into a smallish box. Very classy.

La Medusa sent a paper certificate in a fancy envelope.

You might have to do a preliminary card with the info and follow it with the actual certificate if your timing is that tight.

Another good option would be Ethan Stowell's restaurant group - lots of options to choose from. Here is one of the 4 (am I missing one?):


Nice parting gift! If you know what neighborhood they are moving to, we could suggest something that might be close to home.

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