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Barrica - Goodge Street


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I went to a Tapas bar that's just opened on Goodge Street last night. The guy in the kitchen is the guy from the Moro stall on Exmouth Market, he's a good guy and really knows his food.

They're going for a reasonably quiet opening with not too much publicity so they can get up to speed without any pressure/hype but from what i had it was pretty good already, we had escabesche of mackerel, pork & oxtail meat balls and a tremendous beetroot dish.

Most of the dishes are from £3-£7 so decent value meaning you can pick away and eat and drink all evening, he said they were going for a tapas bar rather than a tapas restaurant thing and reckoned the charcuterie was well worth getting involved with.

The wine list was worth a look too.

Anyway i liked it and if you disagree i know people OK?

That's all i'm saying.


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