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Don Carlos, Milano

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Has anyone been to Don Carlos recently? I'm having a hard time finding much on the web about it, but the little I have seen looks good. We're headed to the Salone del Gusto in Torino in late October and are spending one night in Milano beforehand. It seems we're never staying for long there, but last year we unexpectedly showed up in the city for one night and got to talking with the folks in the cafe at Peck in the late afternoon and somehow finagled an 11pm (!) table at Cracco that night which was a fantastic surprise, even though we had to be up at 6am the next day for a flight. We ordered the menu and made our way through nearly all of the desserts, the excellent staff stayed with us until we were ready to leave. I'd love to do it again, of course, but we're staying at the Grand Hotel and I wonder if we shouldn't just take it easy this time and simply come downstairs for dinner :cool: ... thanks!

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I haven't been to Don Carlos in a few years, but it was 'just ok'. Nice, expensive, nothing really special. The Grand Hotel et di Milano is one of my absolute favorite hotels in the whole world, it's old school elegant. Make sure you have a drink at their bar, it's really lovely, under that wacky statue of Diana the Hunter.

One of our favorite restaurants, about a 10 minute walk is "Ristorante al Girarrosto"

Corso Venezia, 31

20121 Milano (MI)

02 76000481

It's very traditional, but excellent.

You can always ask the concierge at the Hotel...those guys are excellent.

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