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LB Howes

Ajinomoto/MSG Free Restaurants, in Honolulu, Big Island?

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LB Howes   

I'm going to be in Honolulu and on Big Island for the first few of August and would like to eat at some small, homey places that serve Local-style food.

Here's my question - does anyone know of any of these local-style restaurants that make this food without MSG/Ajinomoto?

Over the years, I've developed an extreme sensitivity to Ajinomoto/MSG. Although I can eat small amounts of foods containing naturally occuring low levels of MSG (shoyu, dashi based broths without added Aji,, etc.) without getting a headache; eating food with added MSG brings on an incredibly severe and debilitating migraine headache that lasts for days.

I'm hoping someone knows of such restaurants, as I'd love to take my kids out to eat some of the delicious food I enjoyed as a kid growing up in Hawaii.


LB Howes

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