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Tezka, Mexico's finest restaurant


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We went to Tezka last night (Thursday, August 9th, around 8:45) and had a wonderful meal! I still think it's the best restaurant in Mexico! The service was not intrusive at all, if slightly unorganized: a few repeat "would you like to order now"s (only two bread refills)and there was no music on at all, thank God. We actually appreciated the casualness, it made us feel more relaxed. The food was excellent. Outstanding was an appetizer of wild mushrooms and foie gras: the mushrooms (which are in season here right now) were sauteed, a beautiful seared piece of foie, and a transparent sauce of emulsified egg yolk, very light and subtle. We split it amongst the three of us and it was more than enough, as, of course, it is very rich. Also nice was an ameuse bouche of "gazpacho de almendras" basically, the traditional Spanish ajo blanco, light and fragrant.

My "ciervo" a wild venison, in "salsa de acietuna negra" was a perfectly done piece of meat, although the sauce was so subtle it was almost lost on me; I still enjoyed it. The Basque concept is to my liking as the food is unpretentious served as Julia Child would have liked, i.e. "natural" looking, no architecture or drizzles. (OK, I think there was a foam something, but we forgave it).

We ordered the house wine (a Rioja reserva) which is reasonable at $350 pesos and it was excellent, we needn't have gone any higher.

Desserts, as I have found before, are not so exciting, although you get some little chocolates and goodies for free which are enough.

The chef, who greeted us was not Bruno Otieza, but a young (and good looking!) Spaniard from the Islas Baleares; unfortunately I did not catch his name.

So, all in all a fine experience, 3 1/2 stars, and we will go back. Oh and the bill was

$600 pesos or about US $55 per person. Not bad for all that!

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