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The Marinettini

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From DC art writer Kriston Capps, the only cocktail that would be endorsed by a Futurist:

After all the Dada shows last year and having just seen the Modernism exhibit at the Corc, mixology inevitably brought to mind Marinetti's La cuisina futurista. Years ago, there was a superb article in the New Yorker about Lacerba, a restaurant in Milan that features a selection of Futurist dishes—I thought about that, too. Hence, the Marinettini:

2 oz gin

1 tbsp dry vermouth

2 tbsp motor oil

2 steel ball bearings

Though I considered olives in place of the ball bearings, my concerns were that olives would be too traditionally Italian for Marinetti's taste—the man rejected pasta, after all—and that the motor oil might have some deleterious effect on the texture of the olive. I'll try it both ways and report back. To be served with a small bowl of chrome hex nuts.

He never did report back.

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