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  1. Just wondering if anyone has dined at Everest recently, and what you thought of the experience. Is it on the same (high) level it has been in the past? Thanks in advance!
  2. That's great. I'm happy you posted this here so that everyone can see Babbo making the effort to right a wrong. This is what fine dining establishments should aspire to be; I'm very happy to see it. You've certainly solidified my desire to dine at Babbo further. Thanks!
  3. I have a friend (an extremely well-travelled gourmand) that ranks his experience at Eigensinn above Taillevant, L'Arpege, French Laundry, et al. Think Alice Waters in style, but with more of an edge. I've tasted his food at Toronto Taste as well as other events, but haven't eaten at Eigensinn myself (yet). I've never heard anyone disappointed.
  4. Sigh. You're a lucky man. Some day.. some day.
  5. A decent argument has been presented many times in this thread; you just refuse to accept it, Steve. It seems rather obvious to me that you're primarily concerned with protecting your editorial credibility in this argument. Sometimes, even eGullet makes mistakes.
  6. Perogies with.. ketchup? Why the hell do I think that would taste good right now? Must be drunk.
  7. I've gotta ask, what exactly do you have against the guy that proposed?
  8. It was actually to be taken as an indifferent statement. As Tommy mentioned, all ass is not created equal. I've had some good ass, I've had some bad ass. On the hole (pun intended) though, I'd eat ass again. So, it can't be that bad. I'd eat Cajun Pringles again too, but only if I'm lonely.
  9. lol, you guys are wonderful :) Thanks for the laugh(s)! To clarify, I am a straight man, and I was most certainly speaking about female ass.
  10. I could see Batali doing something like this. However, I'm sure I'll be promptly pounced upon for that opinion.
  11. Cajun Pringles ... ass. They taste like ass. Apparently, I know what ass tastes like.
  12. I haven't seen Vanilla Pepsi yet (it should be coming), but Pepsi Twist is my favourite mainstream soda. I agree that Pepsi certainly seems to have a better handle on what the public will embrace. Remember, they ARE the choice of the next generation!
  13. Special Ed

    Tomato Salads

    I do it the same (heirlooms) but with roquefort and arugula. Served on top of a toasted slice of great Italian bread to soak up the juices.
  14. Special Ed

    Beer Can Chicken

    Few things beat a perfectly roasted chicken. I alway so mine in an oven, with some lime, garlic, onions, lots of fresh herbs, salt and pepper. I baste throughout with duck fat. Damn, I'm hungry.
  15. "It was a bit like, 'Hey waiter, there's a commercial in my soup,' " one diner at the restaurant commented. Great line. :)
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