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  1. Thank you . The episode is indeed fantastic, Atala is certainly the one that made me turn my eyes to brazilian cuisine and focus on it. Since then i have found many other great brazilians cooks, but he was the first to inspire me.
  2. Indeed, i realize now my stupidity about the email. I will edit the post if possible, or simply take it down and re-post it without the address. And you are quite right about here being better for a chat, i was afraid i would get replies here and thought that maybe the email would get such replies. Thank you I do agree with you, but that wasnt really the point i was trying to explore. My interest lies in if it is possible to express, and even critique, an idea. Let's take your Mussolini example, say you want to critique the policy he implemented through a d
  3. Hi I am a 19 year old gastronomy student, i have been training and studying on my for about four years, and plan on becoming a cook and eventually establishing my own restaurant. Recently i have been thinking on how to express complex ideas through culinary, if it is possible to take a certain vision of the world (from any kind of thinker) and translate to a dish or series of dishes - i will elaborate more in a postscript for anyone interested. Besides that, if you have any ideas you'd like to discuss or even just chat about cooking, please feel more than welcome to message me here or on
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