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  1. Thank you. The thing is, I am not sure if it is supposed to be like that as it is meant to be a white loaf suitable for sandwiches and toast. This is more the crumb of sourdough. Chewy etc. A nice crunch to it with toast though!
  2. Thank you. I shall check it out. I thinkni have seen a few of their videos on ripe test etc.
  3. Wow Looks and sounds amazing. I like the crumb. Thanks for sharing
  4. Hi. Thanks. I used Ken Forkish's Saturday day loaf recipe. The crust is awesome. Shatters as you bite into it.
  5. Sorry for the different posts of pics but it wouldn't let me post in the same post.
  6. Great reply. Thanks for sharing. Here is mine this morning from the cold overnight prooving in the fridge. Not tacky inside at all but still looks stretched if that makes sense? Oh, great rise out of this one as well as split seam on the top which I have read is a good thing...
  7. Looks so sloppy. Excited to see the finished product.
  8. Hi. It's a Siemens one. Has the water tank on the side that you fill and the evaporator dish at the bottom.
  9. Thank you for reassuring me all is not lost. Persevere is what I shall do.
  10. So made the Saturday white bread today. The dough felt rather wet from the beginning and I had a bit of a fight on my hands from the go. It just would not hold shape, tighten after folding etc. Just collapsed and then when trying to shape into loafs it would just stick to the worktop, hands no matter how much flour I put down. Finished product is a bit flatter than I wanted and still slightly tacky in the middle but wow, the crust is great. Like biting through glass. For the crumb texture, I am not sure if it is supposed to be very soft due to it being a sandwich bread but mine isn't.
  11. Well today I am chuffed as this arrived from the USA today when it was scheduled for delivery on the 9th of July...
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