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  1. I love mine. I bought it as a temporary oven when my range was in the process of being replaced (which took 6 weeks under warranty), but I cook for 2 and find that I have continued to use it every day despite having my regular oven back. I roast all sorts of things (meat, chicken, fish, and veggies), use it to make toast, broil open faced sandwiches, toast nuts, bake casseroles, do hors d'ouevres, and the odd frozen pizza, and it's all worked exactly the way it should. I'm 6 months in without a hiccup. The only thing I haven't used it for is baking bread or sweets, mainly because we don't eat a lot of those. I can't imagine not having it at this point. Toast is more perfect on the top than the bottom, but it's still more convenient to do all the slices at once than to do sequential toasting with the toaster, plus I find I can time things better as it gives a countdown to when the toast will be done. I didn't think this would be a selling feature when I bought it, but I like that you can set the time and it turns itself off when the time is done. It holds things nice and warm, and you don't have to run to grab things out if you're busy with something else. The keep warm function (at 160) works really well too.

  2. I've liked The Currant at the Forks. Not necessarily for their Sunday brunch (I'm not that much of a buffet person), but the a la carte breakfasts are good on every other day of the week. Stella's is good too (again, not a buffet),but you have to go early or it's a zoo. Lots of the mom and pop diners also do pretty good breakfasts. Star Grill at the conservatory was ok too (maybe more for the location than for the food), but I heard that it may have closed. While I've found the food at Coras to be reasonably tasty, the crowds keep me away. I've liked Prairie Ink too.

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