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  1. i love to eat on my own. the first time i did it i felt very awkward but by the end of it i was thinking 'why dont i do this more often?' ive been to small little vietnamese places, busy sushi places (although sushi is very easy to eat solo i find because of that comunal conveyor belt) 60 year old tradional french port restaurants and 2 michelin star places on my own. i find u see the restaurant for it is alot more when youre on your own than in a big party or distracted by a loved one. maybe its the fact that you have to find something to do whilst waiting for the next course or what have you. i like to people watch and theres no better place than a restaurant so i find myself engaged in the food/wine when it comes and the actual restaurant when it goes. if you havent eaten on your own, in a weird way your missing out.
  2. theyre not, or at least they were. the pastry chef i know who was there made them, i believe he has since left for the harvey nicks restaurant. i also had said desert when i visited for a couple of drinks (only had a few cocktails and a couple of deserts) and thought it was very good.
  3. i know its on android, not sure about the iphoney, but foursquare is pretty fun.
  4. Im not a vegan myself nor am i a vegi. however I am going on a sort of road trip down the west coast of America this time next year and the people im going with are vegans. Ive always wanted to taken them to a good fine dinning restaurant but have never got round to it. so im going out to see them in America. i know the French Laundry do a vegetarian menu but not sure if they do a vegan one and theres a couple of good places in Portland, Oregon that are vegan but i want something a bit more up there. they dont mind if the premises isnt fully vegan just a good vegan dish or so. maybe somewhere we can call up in advance to request it? maybe a few delis or something like that too part from the vegan stuff, where do u recommend for me? were starting at Seattle then going to Portland, Eugene, San Francisco, LA then Las Vegas. thanks alot
  5. ive had enough now of it. im not going on another restaurant website again. i was looking through a website just now, they specialises in silverware, plates, glasses, light fittings and corners of a table. oh wait no, no that wasnt what i was doing at all. i was on the Gauthier (soho, london) website. silly me. what a stupid mistake to make. but its not. what goes through a photographers minds when he thinks yeh, i know what people who go on restaurant websites want to see, they want to see pictures of empty plates and glasses, tables with no one on and the close up face of a chef chopping something you cant even see? im not picking Gauthier for any other reason than it happened to be the last one i was on using this sytle of website. so no offence to them, just their choice of pictures for a website for a restaurant. which apparently serves food and its not actually BYOF and BYOB theres so many resturant sites that do this, why? do they really think anyone cares about a picture of some glasses? the edge of a plate? then the same plate but birds eye view? there is one plate of a food and a picture of some asparagus. i know its just the website but come on, dont just open up, lob a dish together and take a pic of it and then get the gorky photographer to take a few pics of some crockery. anyone else miffed by this trend by mainly restaurants with about as much atmosphere as a dentist's waiting room and half 8 in the morning? or is it just me with this rant?
  6. i too dont quite get the basil ice cream thing but i worked in the same company as a guy who did it with confit tomatoes and crispy mozzarella. bloody obvious, over used combo but it didnt seem so bad, i just didnt like the way the mozzarella and ice cream went at war with each other and both seemed to loose out, would have probably been better if it was just the confit tomatoes warm.
  7. nickloman- the farm is called Red Top Farm and is run by The Robinson family. its in harvington near kidderminster on the A450 just before the dog pub, which i do not recommend on any occasion!!! £2 a bunch i thinks
  8. anyone been chowing down on the purple asparagus? lovely family run farm near me do loads of the stuff, nice raw in salads or very quick flashes on bbq or griddle. absolutely crap loads of asparagus round worcestershire, but still the supermarkets insist on serving the crap from else where. ah well, least every tom dick and harry arent robbing my asparagus!!!
  9. i do agree i wouldnt trek up from the midlands (where i generally reside) to go there but if im in town (which i was) i would go there. northern quarter is some what out of the way but easy enough to get to by car seeing as you dont have to faff around trying to find a place to park. nice to have places like that just round the corner from your office. i wonder if the menu will change alot?
  10. didnt see your message before i left, the wonderful internet connection didnt help either! i went for the bbq quail and then the spicy beef and pork noodle soup and 2 lemonades. £14 awesome stuff, had to wait for the quail to cool down before i could it eat it which wasnt the easy thing in the world as i was famished but it was absolutely lovely. 2 quail cut in half and bbq-ed for £6.50?? bargin. the soup was also huge full of noodles lots of cuts of beef and pork, bean sprouts, chillis, lettuce. so lovely and fresh. the chap recommended having some sriracha sauce in there as thats what he does, really nice, so good but couldnt eat it all. i can easily see myself going back before i leave. went to walrus for a few cocktails afterwards the food coming out didnt look too bad and cocktail are BOGOF 4-7 weekdays so it was happy days! manchester is awesome.
  11. im off there now after reading this, im in the coffee republic round the corner so its ideal. cant wait, never really experienced much Vietnamese food so looking forward to a bit of a feast.
  12. i will take notice of this appeal as soon as PETA take notice of the crap they put out which is utter shite and then when they are forced by law or court to say what utter rubbish they just said they just release the world smallest statement saying they were slightly wrong. i dont have to like or eat foie gras or veal etc, its just a step to make a small group of people feel theyve gained something somewhere along the line. who cares? who cares if eating or not eating meat is wrong or right? what will i change? id still eat what i eat even if it takes me to create it. funny thing is these protesters will vote liberal democrat. irony, its a blessing.
  13. a friends parents went about 2 weeks ago and also said it was poor, they had been banging on about it for ages and then when it came to the crunch they said they were servilely disappointed. they claimed poor service and bad food was their reason but didnt give too much detail on the food side of things. i dont think this will put me off going still but i do think this will put me off saying how much of an 'institute' this place has become. maybe theyre working too hard on the hotel or something?
  14. i notice the new website is finally up after like what, 2 years of saying its going to be changed? looks pretty nifty. those really are some great pictures Valerie, makes me want to go back sooner. shame theyre not doing the breakie anymore i really enjoyed that, probably my favourite part of the meal next to everything else. really wish i didnt look at your review. youre gunna put me down £150.
  15. a film comes out once, a restaurant is open every year. its a totally different world, u cant compare them. it may be slightly boring that that the top 2 are very predictable but at some point it will change, its just the same as the premiership or cricket pre the rest the world getting good.
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