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  1. Thank you for the rec. We had been considering Mt Everest, but will now take a look at this instead. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Hi all and thank you for the suggestions. We are currently in Vegas and looking forward to a week of experimenting with finding local gems. We went to Settebello on Saturday night (thanks for the suggestion) and enjoyed wonderful pizza! We each ordered a pizza, intending to save the leftovers to enjoy while watching the NFL playoff games in our room on Sunday. ALAS, the pizza was so good, there were no leftovers! Sunday night found us at a Russian restaurant, Tverskaya, on West Flamingo. We arrived late (about 8:30 pm, which I guess is not really late by Vegas standards!) It was not crowded and we were seated immediately. Since it was late, we ordered light. I had the pickled vegetables (cabbage, mushroom mixture, onions, and pickles) and my husband had the Borscht. The veggies were good, but the Borscht was GREAT!! We then shared the steamed tongue with horseradish, crepes stuffed with mushrooms, and the beef ravioli with sour cream--all appetizers and all were delicious. All portions are generously sized. They do not currently have a liquor license, although they are working on it, so check before you go if it is important to you. They do allow you to BYOB until they get their license. We thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to return on our next trip to Vegas Considering Indian cuisine for tonight....
  3. HI all, I am hoping for some advice about off strip dining and/or local gems in Vegas. We will be there Jan 21-29 and would love to try some local favorites instead of the celebrity chef and high end dining for every meal. Thanks for your help
  4. I have been looking at the threads regarding dining in Kauai and noticed that most of them are at least a couple of years old. I am hoping someone can update the recommendations. My husband and I along with my sister-in-law will be there the beginning of April and look forward to experiencing the island. Any dining recommendations (as well as ":not to miss" suggestions) for our visit will be welcome. We are staying at the Marriott Kauai Lagoons in Lihue and will have a rental car. Thanks in advance
  5. My husband and I will be in Boston Sept 26- Oct 3. We just made a reservation at O Ya for Saturday night (at the chef's bar). We are eagerly looking at the online menu and trying to decide how best to approach ordering. We are reasonably adventurous and realize this is going to be a splurge. Any thoughts on how to order (portion sizes, sharing plates, relying on chef suggestions for daily items, etc) are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. My husband and I are visiting Toronto for the first time in August. We would appreciate recommendations for lunches and dinners. We will be there for a week. We are interested in local favorites as well as new stars on the horizon. Thank you for your help.
  7. Wow--thank you all for your responses. We are anxious to get to LV!! We are likely going to Settebello one night and are still trying to pick from the many other choices. Fortunately, we are planning to come to Vegas at least once or twice a year, so we should (eventually) get to try them all. Thanks all and we will offer our opinion on the places we go to. Appreciate your help!!
  8. Hi, My husband and I are going to Vegas again next week. We enjoy fine dining and have been to many incredible restaurants in Vegas and elsewhere in this country and Europe. We would like recommendations on where to find the best local food in Vegas (we are staying near the Strip, but have a car-and a GPS!). We are interested in Chinese, vegetarian and health food spots, Italian, or any other local gems. We have been to Rosemary's and Raku. Lotus of Siam is on our list (although we don't know a lot about Thai food, so are somewhat intimidated by the vast menu!) Any suggestions are appreciated. I have been reading a lot of the old posts, many of which focus on the Strip and fine dining with celebrity chefs. We will likely hit one or two of those places as well, but don't want that experience every night! (we will be there a week). Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. The website looks good and I'll call to see if they can accomodate us. Will let you know how it is if we get to go. Thanks again
  10. My husband and I and 2 couples will be in SF the end of October and would like to go to a Cantonese restaurant. I have read many posts here and tried to make reservations at R&G Lounge based on the suggestions in this forum. Unfortunately, one of the ladies in our group is mobility impaired and R&G could not accomodate us for the night we requested (she said the downstairs was already reserved). We are staying in the Nob Hill area (Stanford Court), but will have transportation. Our friend is not wheelchair bound, but cannot manage more than a few stairs. Can anyone suggest a great Cantonese place? Thanks.
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