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  1. Well, technically I'm an Italian living in Monaco and I don't eat as much pasta as my parents do. But I have open at the moment: spaghettoni, linguine, spaghetti, bucatini, mezze penne, torciglioni, filini, grattini, ditaloni rigati, gnocchi sardi, tagliatelle, fusilli bucati corti and paccheri. Wow, I didn't think I had so much FRANCI ! you're my hero ! thats AMAZING ! and cant say as i even recognize all those shapes. LOL now i dont feel so bad about having so many open. i do eat it every day for lunch and it seems that i use all the boxes i have open on a rotating basis. thanks for posting that. how much pasta do your parents eat then? at every meal? or just once a day?
  2. I am going to be in Napa in a few weeks and i would love to get some Acme bread.... especially the baguettes. is it avalible outside of Berkeley and SF? maybe in Napa or Sonoma? or do i have to drive down to Berkley to get it? thanks
  3. i have had some pasta over the years that i didnt get to for a long time and i did notice the flavor was a bit off. in fact.... on some of the artisan italian pasta's there is actually a a use by date. when i did get round to eating that pasta.... it was LONG after the date and it wasnt too good. so.... that was my experience. so i think....maybe it does go bad after a time. but that also might have alot to do with storage too. if its airtight and in a cool place...maybe that makes a difference on the shelf life.
  4. Hey Franci ! i would love to know more about how many boxes of pasta people have open at one time in Italy.... and what shapes? LOL i would think LOTS of boxes for the variety. tell me more....
  5. Someone gave me a bottle of olive oil from Frantoio Faliero Mancianti. its unfiltered and very peppery... i wondered if anyone else has used it and what you think. thanks
  6. So i got to thinking about all the boxes of dried pasta that i have open at the same time for the use of different shapes for different condiments. how many do you have open at the same time? i use to only open 2 but now it seems that i have about 5 open.... all different kinds. from penne to squid ink linguine. is this a bad idea? i dont want anything to go bad on me but i eat pasta every day and usually like something different every few days. so what about you? how many different kinds do you have open at the same time? and how many different shapes do you have in your pantry. open or not?
  7. i dont remember if this show is on the food network or the travel channel but there is this screaming b*tch hosting it .... its called ' Food Wars'. i think her name is Camille... what is it with this nutjob? the level of obnoxious has reached its zenith with her. MY GOD! she trying to be a female version of Adam Richman which works for him but not her! another one..... Guy Fieri..... hes on all kinds of things now and hes become SO TEDIOUS ! everything is about 'taking the bus to flavor town' ! same old crap over and over again. everything has to have some stupid rhyme.... 'winner winner chicken dinner?' oh PLEASE! one time it was interesting..... but over and over again. SOOOO BORING ! ok.... i know hes popular...... but hes an irritant to me. and what an ego...his head is so big he could wear a bathtub for a hat. i also noticed that HE loves everything he says on the shows and even looks around for approval after he says them. LOL .. its ridiculous. there are alot of shows i wont watch anymore because i cant stand the host. just my 2 cents.
  8. Yes Joe... i think you are right. i couldnt find anyone else who carries it. so i ordered from them. not cheap but.... what price a good meal ? LOL
  9. I have been looking for Setaro dried pasta and i know where to find it in NYC but i would like to find a place on the west coast that carries it. does anyone have any ideas where to look? have you seen it anywhere? thanks.
  10. I hope the flavour of the aurgula comes thru in the pasta but i'll have to see if it does. what a waste if it doesnt... why bother putting it in there if it has no flavour at all. LOL i'll let you know. thanks for the suggestions.
  11. a friend of mine sent me some dried pasta with arugula in the dough. She also sent me some squid ink spaghetti too. what kind of condiment would you suggest for these kinds of pasta ? i have NO clue what to do with the arugula pasta. usually when i make a sauce i like to have things in it like meat or vegetables. so just plain olive oil and and cheese wouldnt be something i would want to put on the arugula pasta. any suggestions would be most appreciated. thanks
  12. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. i'll check them out. i have seen Latini pasta sold online for alot less than $8 a pound....and i know of a store in california that sells it for ALOT more manageable price... and they will ship but.... i just dont want to pay shipping because pasta is HEAVY. LOL ok well.... thanks again for the leads.
  13. OMG ! RENT A CAR ! OR CLAW YOUR WAY TO LOCKHART TEXAS ! DO NOT miss the BBQ in Lockhart ! the BBQ is SOOOO good .... i am thinking about MOVING there JUST to have access to the sublime smoked meats on a daily basis ! if you like the REAL deal when it comes to smoked meats...... GO to LOCKHART and GO to BLACKS SMITTYS OR KREUZ ! ALL absolutely AMAZING!
  14. I am going to be in Vegas in a few weeks and i figure its a good place to look for this pasta. right now i am in the reno area but i cant find it here. i know i can mail order it but i would prefer to just avoid the shipping charges and get it in a store if i can. any help appreciated. thanks
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