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  1. Took the opportunity to spend a nice lunch break with the wife without the daughter (she had to take off work for a doctor visit). Since we heard a lot about this new joint on 23, figured we'd give it a shot. It was pretty crowded at 1:15 on a Monday afternoon and the parking lot was just about full.

    I agree with the above reviews - service was not fantastic, but not horrible. It seemed like our young waiter was rather inexperienced and I had to wait for my Diet Coke refills after asking and even give the waiter a reminder stare.

    As far as the food - perfectly average. Better than Fudruckers and Fatburger but its no Gaffer's, Luger's. The burger was cooked to order, fresh toppings, nice sharp blue cheese. The fries were delivered in a cute pomme frittes upside down cone contraption. We were too full to attempt a sample of the 'cupcake of the day' but we managed to save a little room for a classic chocolate shake. While a little but small for the price (about 12-16oz), it was solidly decent.

    Since the prices were very fair, we will definitely go back again. If you're looking for upscale yuppy food, keep looking. The retro 50's decor was cute but not something I'd want in my dining room.

  2. Our family does takeout from Forte's when we're not in the mood for cooking. Food is consistent, decent quality and filling. Take a pass on the Chicken Murphy if you're considering it - just a big bowl of oil with chicken, onions and potatoes. The rest of the menu that we've tried is solidly decent.

  3. No clue as to how reliable it is, but the first link that came up when I Googled NJ food festivals was this one...  If nothing else, you can scroll down to see '07 listings and investigate anything that catches your eye.

    Thanks Curlz. The site you suggested was the first one I came across as well but as you probably noticed, it's not very comprehensive.

    Keep the suggestions coming everyone! I know someone's gota have a good link....

  4. Does anyone know of a good webiste that lists upcoming food festivals? I've done a Google & Yahoo search and only come up with listings that seem to be less than complete in content.

    For example, I'd love to go to the Brazilian festival in Newark in Septemeber, but no website lists this festival. Heck, even the City of Newark's own site doesn't have dates listed.

    There's probably sooooo many good festivals that I miss out on without a good resource to find out about them. Can anyone help?

  5. There's a place with the same name over in East Hanover on Ridgedale Avenue. The menu sounds about the same and the prices are as well. I've tried the East Hanover location and it was very good.

    I'm going to give the Caldwell location a shot. I've got my fingers crossed that it's just as good as the other one...

  6. On a realted topic, has anyone eaten at the little Columbian joint on the main street in Chatham, about 1/3 mile from Serenade?  I've driven past it a couple of times, but I've never had the time to stop.  If no one has, I'm happy to be the guinnea pig....

    Ohhhhh... I'd love to hear more about this place. If you do the guinea pig run, please report back to us. If you can drop a name and address, it would be much appreciated.

  7. Greetings gang,

    The wife and I will be guests at a friend's house for Christmas Eve. The host absolutely loves petit fours and will go gaga like a cat with catnip if we procure some for him.

    Can anyone tip me off on where to find good ones in Northern NJ? I live in Roseland but I am willing to drive a bit to find the good stuff.



  8. Thanks Jason! You've got me off to a great start with some recommendations.

    If anyone else can tip me off to some authentic taco joints, please do so. Much appreciated.

    BTW, I fished around on offthebroiler.com and you've got some great stuff on there. Keep it up!

  9. Coming from Queens, NY, there were a number of authentic tacos served out of mobile trucks - but usually parked in the same area all the time. The key is that they served authentic Mexican tacos (the kind you get when you cross the border into Tiujana), not like the ones you have to suffer through at Taco Bell, Jose Tejas or Chevy's.

    Does northern NJ have any of this type of eatery? I've been to Los Tapotios on Main street in West Orange but their tacos are quite empty and they skimp on the contents.

    Suggestions welcome!

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