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  1. Just one more small section . . .does cheese boutique have prepared foods at all? As much as I love to cook . . one of the treats of going to pusateri's is picking up some side dishes so I can just cook some great meat or fish but still have a feast.

    I love the homemade guacamole at CB! However, they don't always have it available.

  2. I would laugh ask to speak to the manager, and if he was stupid enough to insist those charges are legit, I would simply remove all those charges from their tip.

    I'm surprised you let them get away with it.

    Wouldn't you be penalizing the server for policy they have little control over?

    It may be a bit unfair to take the tip away from the server, but if it happened enough times, the complaints from the servers because of this would eventually get back to the management.

  3. I wanted to post a comment on here, because I am maybe to shy to talk to management in person. Especially given  i do not know them. While enjoying  a lovely meal at the bar last week,  I noticed the busboy recylcing the butter from another table. I found this very unhygenic.

    I don't work in the restaurant industry, but I've heard that this sort of thing happens in many, if not most restaurants. Recycling not just butter, but bread that has been on other tables as well.

    I just try not to think about it when I go out to eat.

  4. I have a reservation for next Wednesday. Does anyone know if Bragagnolo has already left the building? Has anyone eaten there recently, following this announcement?

    Yeah - my wife and I went there August 4th - I asked our server about the chef.

    She confirmed that Bragagnolo had left about 3 weeks prior.

    They don't have a tasting menu any more.

    The new chef is Sergio something-or-other.

    Overall I'd say our experience was mixed. Not horrible, but not great either.

    We had an app each, and an entree each.

    My veal entree was overcooked, and they seemed to go a bit overboard on the truffle oil on a few of the dishes.

    The total cost for the meal (without alcohol) was almost $200.

    I don't think I would go back. It just isn't worth the money.

    Next time I'll go somewhere else.

  5. I seem to recall them having red salt, but they came in one of those multi-packs as a gift set of "salts around the world"

    I got one of those multi-packs at Sam's Club (or was it Costco... I forget now.)

    The brand name is "Be" gastronome.

    It has:

    Hawaiian salt (115g)

    Pink salt (124g)

    Grey salt (100g)

    Fleur de sel (103g)

    Brazilian salt (120g)

    Sea salt (120g)

    French sea salt (122g)

    Salt and pepper (104g)

    Only cost a few bucks - pretty cheap from what I remember.

    If you're not looking for that much, it may be worthwhile to consider.

  6. Never even heard of Oro or Celestine, anyone???

    Oro is: ororestauraunt.com (Elm st. between Bay and Yonge).

    Celestin has no web address, but is at 623 Mt. Pleasant Rd (at Manor Rd E).

    I hadn't heard of them either.

    I've eaten at Oro on a number of occasions... it's always been rather good.

    It seems to be an under-appreciated gem.

    Try their calamari appetizer - fantastic.

  7. What other great high end Japanese restos are there in TO.. or is this the best?

    Just went to Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto last night!

    Very nice! It's a tiny little place - only room for 6-8 people per night. Just a single seating at 7:30pm for dinner.

    Dinner is either 6 or 8 courses ($100 or $150 pp), in traditional Kaiseki style.

    The website has pictures of all their food.

    The whole experience is great - try it if you're looking for extremely high-end Japanese.

  8. I know, from upthread, that a few have requested the Oysters and Pearls at Per Se - which I would request if it's not going to be served at TFL... or, I don't see a reason to do the "Cornets" twice... etc...

    The Cornets are a classic! It's the only way to start a meal at either restaurant....

  9. The seven-course tasting offers a couple of options, the nine-course tasting just one option (foie gras or salad), the vegetable tasting none at all.

    I was not surprised that all of us selected the chef's tasting menu with the foie gras option ($30 supplement). The printed menu offered a foie gras terrine, but our server told us that we could substitute seared foie gras if we preferred, which two of us did.

    We were interested in picking and choosing dishes from both menus, but our server very politely steered us away from that direction.

    "The chef's tasting menu is very special," he said, so we ended up getting 2 nine-course tasting menus - I got the foie gras terrine, but my wife substituted a duck breast dish from the 7 course menu instead of the salad. Dee-lish!

  10. I just read in Toronto Life that Avalon is going to close down in March.

    That's really a shame - I thought it was a fantastic restaurant.

    Does anyone know what Chris McDonald is going to be doing after this?

    Will he be opening another restaurant in Toronto?

    What will be happening to the old space?

  11. Gaf, your pics look like you used flash.  Was this a non-issue, Per Se?

    Heck, I also used a flash taking a picture of every course at Per Se last week.

    Nobody even looked in our direction.

    Perhaps they are used to it by now....

  12. I had lunch at Le Bernardin about two weeks ago.  Disappointing.  The room is nice enough but has no real style or character.  The menu was dull.  I found myself searching for something that sounded special rather than struggling to choose among several enticing offerings. 

    It was just one meal, but my impression was that Le B has become a tired restaurant that is not really in the game anymore.

    I'll have to agree - I was very disappointed as well. I come to NYC once a year, and having looked forward to coming here for months, I didn't find that the dinner I had was particularly impressive. It was all fine, I suppose, but not the caliber that I had expected.

    This past week I went to Le Bernardin, WD-50, and Per Se. Went to Daniel last year.

    Per Se was the most incredible meal I have had in my life - perfect in every way.

    WD-50 was extremely inventive and creative, but sometimes to the point that the taste of the food came behind the attempt to be new.

    Daniel was fantastic. Probably what Le Bernardin should be.

    Le Bernardin was just OK. Not bad, but definitely not one of the top few restaurants in New York.

  13. 2  Katzs Delicatessan.  Just want to put the argument to rest.  This is the best pastrami on the planet. 

    I know this is completely off topic, but I have to disagree with this.

    Schwartz's deli in Montreal is better - bigger sandwiches, and at less than half the price.

    Even with the exchange rate being what it is.

    But Schwartz's doesn't sell pastrami, they have "smoked meat" sandwiches.


    pastrami: pas·tra·mi Variant(s): also pas·tromi /p&-'strä-mE/ Function: noun

    Etymology: Yiddish pastrame, from Romanian pastrama pressed and cured meat

    : a highly seasoned smoked beef prepared especially from shoulder cuts

    brisket (a.k.a. "smoked meat") Pronunciation: 'bris-k&t Function: noun

    Etymology: Middle English brusket; akin to Old English brEost breast

    : the breast or lower chest of a quadruped animal.

    I suppose they are a bit different. I'd rather have a big "smoked meat" sandwich in Montreal at CDN$4.55 versus the somewhat smaller (although still tasty) US$12.45 pastrami at Katz's, though. Or am I just being cheap? :raz:

  14. 2  Katzs Delicatessan.  Just want to put the argument to rest.  This is the best pastrami on the planet. 

    I know this is completely off topic, but I have to disagree with this.

    Schwartz's deli in Montreal is better - bigger sandwiches, and at less than half the price.

    Even with the exchange rate being what it is.

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