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  1. My wife and another couple tried Jibarra on 12/30/05 after they were open just 3 days. Our waitperson was pretty green, but I expect that it will improve. As for the food, I just return from mexico a few weeks ago for work and I have to say the the food at Jibarra reminded me of the delicous food that I've eat'n in Mexico. They also serve the Tequila with a chaser of spicy tomato juice (Bloody Mary mix) that I just had served to me at a top restaurant in MX. I wish I could remember that dishes that we ate, but the post holiday rush has made the meal a blur, except for the fact that we definitely want to go back.

  2. My wife and myself start at one end and peruse the offerings. Then on the way back we pick what appears to be the best. For the standard stuff (ie tomatoes, peaches) there's not much difference, but for other things like figs, asparagus, etc. I have found a difference in quality.

    As for the crowds, we try to get there by 8:30am on Saturday.

    Unfortunately the smaller "boutique" stands come and go pretty fast.

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