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  1. Just checked with my old Intercity guy...it might be one per cattle...but we are talking about a 24 to 36 ounce cut of meat here.....$3.00 per is about right....lots to go around!!!! EGorge...EGorge....EGorge... John Chef: There are still 3 or 4 Kegs on the Intercity program....still the best...always has been...obviously you think so ...as you use them....of course I'm only basing this on 15 years as a supplier...but Icould be wrong!! That sounded so mean...not my intention...still curious as to how you might go about tenderly, preparing our new favourite cut...(The hangar...hanger...??)...just for the sake of it....I'm not saying that 39 eGulleters are going to show up at 7:30 on Thursday of this week....just curious??? Well........ J
  2. Neil...if you get it in I'm down at HSG for sure...not that I haven't been before..yummy!...but would love to hear how you might prepare it.... Maybe we should organize a "eGullet-eGorge" and enjoy this wonderful cut en masse??? When I had it at Zoe's we had a lucious red wine reduction with a risotto and grilled radicchio...simply fantastic!!!! How might you go about it??? John.... P.S. I would almost guarantee that a majority of places are substituting skirt, flatiron or even flank...though it would be much harder to pull off subbing a flank...guess it depends how you prepare it.... Yes...lets say Intercity is the biggest....they do supply the Keg afterall!! JB
  3. Mmmmmm Hangar Steak......grilled with red wine reduction,creamy risotto cake and grilled radicchio. Fantastic..... "It's often ground in hamburger (or butchers just take it home), but some people claim that its grainy texture and intense flavor make it a first-rate steak (if marinated first). It's better known in France than in the United States, so you'll probably have to ask your butcher to set one aside for you" The hangar steak is a French favourite where it is known as onglet and is the traditional steak for steak frites. Above is from website: http://www.foodsubs.com/MeatBeefB&F.html "(or butchers just take it home)" Thus the name "butcher's cut" or butcher's steak This is a very popular cut in San Fran right now and Restaurant Zoe serves up a beauty(in Seattle) I would guess it is a matter of time as it creeps up the coast and settles in Vancouver where we will all praise it as the best. Maybe another cut is being substituted? They might be substituting skirt steak???
  4. Finally.... After many days of lurking and waiting...waiting and lurking...I finallly have the power to post!! All kidding aside, I have relished in the comments and stories flying around on eGullet for awhile now but prefered to sit on the sidelines and take it all in. Feeling out the board you might say.... Well, I am going to take a leap of faith and post a topic that is close to my heart..beef. Many things are close to my heart...don't get me wrong...beef is just VERY close to my heart...(read: clogged arteries, high levels of BSE coursing through my veins, etc...) As I sit here, you are enjoying an evening of Bourdain, food, libation and good cheer. I am enjoying a cheap sherry, over-done roast beast and my 4 year old son running around thinking he is Mr. Incredible. I knew going on opening day would be silly (I prefer the DVD version of any Pixar movie!) but against all good judgement I went. Of course I was trying to compensate for not seeing Bourdain....but.... I did get a chance to pick up his latest...brillant....from the style of the book to the info contained therein...brillant... So...the question is: Does dodger use to many"........" in his posts......no sorry... The best steak in town .....period..... Where? When did you have it? I look forward to responses from my first post. I don't expect any until late in the afternoon, after you have all recovered from last night!!!!! Cheers...... John PS...the little grumpy face is me pressed against the window of HSG wishing I was buying up all of Daddy-A's consulting time and changing plans for my new kitchen every hour on the hour for 4 hours straight!!!! Consider it my first dig on eGullet!!! I do expect to be thouroughly punished for this!!! JB
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