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  1. Thank you for the link jschyun! I'm going to get my brother to go get me some of those seeds. :) I swear, I'll be able to grow those right in the little strip of soil that surrounds the apartment I'm staying in right now. When there's a will, there's a way, or so I've heard.
  2. I will never again cook when I am an emotional wreck. :)
  3. Kapuliperson

    Dinner! 2004

    I just made a plain loaf/braid and some nice thick squash soup with curd bits
  4. Should still be okay.. try again? 230-8111
  5. Kapuliperson

    stuffed peppers

    i usually stuff them with sauteed tofu with chives/carrots ..
  6. Congratulations! Why don't you give her easy to digest fruits/vegetables laso?
  7. Kapuliperson

    Dad on Atkins,

    lol.. serve them a really wonderful blueberry, mango, walnut, banana, and apple cream/yogurt salad and stuffed zuccini. :D
  8. Kapuliperson

    staff meal

    i usually just bring packed lunch when I go to work- so usually just sandwiches or grilled cheese
  9. ^ that's great! Cya guys later- got to call some friends of mine just to make sure they've regged for the general elections- deadline's on the 4th daw. Ah, I'm starting to think that one thing good about being away from home is that voting is much easier. Mahalo for the Absentee voting. :)
  10. just use it like you'd use onions
  11. It's most of these and more. I have to really agree though- it's a good way to express your creativity, to express your love/care/welcoming spirit for others, - and just for relaxation, bonding with other people- it's also a great way to get to know other countries/places/ peoples
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