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ACF Certifications


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I am a Sous Chef - NOT certified by ACF and was wondering about the prep towards it.

1. I saw the ACF books on what it looked like some prep or kind of "cliff notes" has anyone used the ACF books?

2. Does it really help if you are looking around to job jump?

3. I have a CIA degree that has helped a ton with job searches in the past - just wondering if this ACF certification is as important as they make it sound.

4. Competitions - I know you have to do some to practice up for certifications - are they really difficult? I have done lots of mystery baskets and had no problem, are they the same principal - but tyring to beat out others for gold, sliver, bronze?

5. Do corporate competitions count - like Maple Leaf Farms, etc?

I appreciate any feedback - have a great week everyone...

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ACF certification will only help if you want to work for another ACF Chef. Period! It will not mean doodly to the general public and certainly does not mean you know how to make diners happy.

The ACF competitions are very different from the other comps you have done, very technically oriented (is each slice exactly the same size, are the brunoise exactly the same size, etc). If you want to cook at a country club or big hotel then get certified because most of those guys are ACF types.


John Malik


33 Liberty Restaurant

Greenville, SC


Customer at the carving station: "Pardon me but is that roast beef rare?"

Apprentice Cook Malik: "No sir! There's plenty more in the kitchen!"

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Hey JOhn or Cynical

I appreciate the feedbacl - Loved your website too - it did take a while to load though. Your wife there reminds me of my wife. I tend to go on to long stories, she usually leaves too or gets me to chnage the subject. I just got picked up by a club and they are going to ACF me and wnat me to certify - so what the hell right. Loved your piece on Tony B - Michael Ruhlman is fun too - his last book he was in our class - he really is a very knowledgeable dude. Anyways - great post and great site - I will look you up if in town - Jake

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