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Food shopping in and around Brussels

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I'll be moving to the Brussels area in a few weeks time and am interested to know where to go for good food shopping, specifically

- outdoor food markets, and

- specialist shops for meat, fish, fruit & veg, herbs, bread, spices, ingredients for world cuisines, wines, beers, cheese.....and so on.

Are any of the Belgian supermarkets worth a look and, if so, what for?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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The answer really depends on where you live.

There are good markets all over the city. I usually go to either Place Chatelaine (Wednesday afternoon) or Boitsfort (Sunday morning) both for shopping or meeting friends for a drink and some al fresco eating. Expect organic food, fresh fish, good cheese etc

Supermarkets are generally good but much better are the independent specialist food shops which you will find everywhere in the city. Poissonnière d'Agadir on Chaussee de Wavre (near European Parliament) is one of the best fish shops whilst Jack O'Shea on Rue le Titien is a great butcher.

There are good artisan bakers everywhere - check out a branch of Pain Quotidienne if there is one near you. Otherwise just see which baker has the longest queue on Saturday or Sunday morning.

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There's a place near St. Catherine's, a little almost-portable looking lean-to that sells a great (really great) supply of mushrooms.

I wish I could remember the name. They had stuff from everywhere, and it was all good. I bought some Italian black trumpets from them that I can still taste.

If I can find my Brussels notes from 2005, I'll get the name in. But if you're around St. Cat, ask for the mushroom people.

That'd be a great name for a band.

Back and editing.....

I found it! Champigros, Rue Melsens 22 They're closed on Sundays!

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There are lots of markets in Brussels. The best knwon are those of Anderlecht and South Train Station, the latter only on Sunday mornings (till about 1 pm).

Specialist shops:

Champigros, Rue Melsens, indeed for mushrooms.

Next door: the best game store: Matthys & Van Gaever.

Just around the corner (Rue Sainte-Cathérine): Noordzee / Mer du Nord for fish.

The most superb supermarket for high end food is:

Rob Gourmet Market

Woluwelaan 28, 1150 Brussel

Tel. 02/771.20.60

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Rachellindsay - yesterday Les Tartes de Françoise turned up trumps again when they provided the food for a lunch marking the arrival of a new baby in a friends' house. They deserve an endorsement and recommendation. I've used them several times and it always leads to people saying "where did you get the food?"

This is a small family business run by Françoise and Olivier with a dedicated crew. Tarts, sweet or savoury, are all artisan made. The list varies according to the season and is very much driven by fresh ingredients and a spirit of integrity.

You'll find their stuff in one or two shops such as the superb, if expensive, Rob (mentioned by paulbrussel) but they also deliver. It's worth however dropping into their atelier at 75 Avenue de l'Hippodrome where you'll see exactly how they put things together.

You'll find all the necessary details as well as some lovely snap shots at http://www.tartes.be/presentation.php?lang=fr. It's only in French or Dutch but has clear self-explaining visuals - just take a look.

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