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Finding Kitchen Rental Space

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I know this is a little off topic for this forum, if it fits better somewhere else let me know and I'll be happy to switch discussion.

I am interested in renting kitchen/storage space. Google has only turned up a couple options. Are there any resources out there for finding kitchen rentals?

I am in San Carlos/San Mateo area on the San Francisco Peninsula but general resources are also most welcome. If you know of specific rentals let me know too.

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Become friends with a Mason. I've mentioned this in a number of different threads, but many of the Masonic halls have licensed kitchens which are only used one or two nights a week, occasional weekends, and rarely on weekdays. When I lived in SoCal, I was able to run a catering company out of a Masonic kitchen.

Similar fraternal clubs probably have similar kitchens that could be available. It will probably mean lots of cold calls but you never know what will come up - especially if said club needs "donations" or income. This came up because I saw a sign on a local Swedish/American club building advertising their hall for rental -- there is a kitchen that is quite possibly available for rent.

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Google turned up this one in Santa Clara


and this one in Belmont


I believe that I have heard of other locations in the South San Francisco area as well, lots of catering firms and food prep firms that serve the airport in that area.

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Thanks Folks,

Mr. C's and Kitchen by the Hour were the 2 I found. Unfortunately Kitchen by the Hour didn't even respond to my email inquiry.

LaCocina sounds interesting but the location is a little out of the way from here.

I think I'll spend some time next week talking to local fraternal etc. organizations.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Unfortunately Kitchen by the Hour didn't even respond to my email inquiry.

Wow, talk about great service. Rob Maffit, part of the Kitchen by the Hour staff, saw this posting and took the time to contact me. Apparently my Yahoo.com spam filter discarded the first response, they did not ignore my email query.

I'm not sure if they are the right solution for me but I do know that the people at Kitchen by the Hour do care about customers and potential customers. I just wanted to make sure that anyone else reading this thread knows that my first post regarding their unresponsiveness was inaccurate.

Still on the hunt!


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