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Toast toppings


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I like butter plus apricot jam, topped with a slice of prosciutto, though that technically may be outside of what you're asking.

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Woman (noticing a large bowl of cut fruit): “How much is the fruit salad?”

Counterman: “Three-ninety-eight a pound.”

Woman (incredulous, and loud): “THREE-NINETY EIGHT A POUND ????”

Counterman: “Who’s going to sit and cut fruit all day, lady… YOU?”

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Heinz Baked Beans doused with Worcestershire sauce, supplemented by Lingam's sweet chilli sauce..add a poached egg, if really hungry...also a couple of super crunchy Rick's Picks Wasabeans (pickled beans in wasabi).

Otherwise a good mature English cheddar, shredded with Branston pickle.

For something sweet, Manuka honey on toast. (no butter required, thank you).

Am I getting too carried away?

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Hummus. No, really... :biggrin:

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So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

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My husband likes cheddar cheese sprinkled with red pepper flakes. Me, I just want butter and peanut butter.

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Butter and a sunny side up egg which has been fried in bacon fat. Scrambled eggs. Poached eggs. Egg salad. Corned beef hash. Poached salmon and a dab of mayo. Smoked salmon and cream cheese. Creamed canned salmon with peas. Baked beans for sure. Melted cheese

And the breakfast of champions: a schmear of mayo and a thinnish slice of leftover meatloaf.

Not that I don't love good jam (my mother's Damson Plum is the platonic ideal) and as a teen I thought cinnamon toast was the world's most nearly perfect food. It's just that I've become a serious protein for breakfast person and toast with sweet is something I'd enjoy more with a cup of tea at four in the afternoon.

I think I made cinnamon toast in an unorthodox way when I was cramming for finals:

2 T. soft butter

2 T. brown sugar


Beat together and spread on toast that has popped up in the last two seconds. I wonder whether I'd like it now?

Margaret McArthur

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