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sculpted cakes


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here's a dilemma i face when making sculpted cakes ... i HATE all that waste from the trimmings!!!!

what do you do with them? can't really dry them out to use as crumbs because they have frosting in them. can't eat that much cake or i'll need a whole new wardrobe ...

i'm on the verge of signing off on them.



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Another idea, like for example you can cut the shape of the state of Texas out of a square cake without any leftover as a flat cut out cake using a 14" I think it is but just an example. So for 3-d sculptures, maybe plan it different where you consider the smallest possible configuration of cake to ultimately incorporate the scraps back into the project. You can't always do that as well as the state of Texas comes out but it can help reduce the anguish and the waste.

I love the ice cream sandwich idea, petite tête de chou.

Rebecca, yes alcohol helps the whole leftover thing for sure!

You can also make mini cakes out of it to use for samples--glue it together and stack it up and cut out squares, place in muffin cups to seve to potential clients. Or to keep out on the counter to give out samples.

Or create a little crazy monster cake and drop it off at the local fire house or police department or the emergency room or pick a place. Like if you cut an oval shape out of a sheet cake, make an un-cake. Put the residue on a sheet board and ice it all up, so there's a big hole in the middle where you removed the oval to use in your project. Have fun writing an inscription in the center there. Actually, the muffin cup thing would go over better, less mess & hassle for them to just grab & go.

Just some scrappy ideas :biggrin:

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1) Get a bowl. A large one with a flat bottom would be most suitable

2) Put some of the scraps in the bottom of the bowl for the first layer

3) Heap in some homemade ice cream suitable for the type of cake scraps being used

4) Layer on some more cake until well covered

5) Eat. Smile. Take pleasure in your oversupply of cake and ice cream

You could also make two of these and please someone else. Then again, you could just construct two of them for you. Simply eat one, and cover the other with saran wrap (mashing down slightly to keep out the air and giving you a nice ice cream sandwich effect) and eat the other one later.

Too much cake is never, ever a problem in my book. :biggrin:

Brooks Hamaker, aka "Mayhaw Man"

There's a train everyday, leaving either way...

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I try to put all to the cake (after mixind with somr buttercream) - make small detales.

Or we can make "The potatoes" - Russian... fansy-cake? When you mix the scraps wth butter, suger, cacao powder and some alcohol. Yf you need a recipie I can translate.

I love to decorate cakes and you may see my cakes here: http://foto.mail.ru/mail/bonya_l/1

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I used to do all those things. Rum balls. Trifles. Ice Cream Cakes. Scraps in my mouth.

Now I just say, "screw it". The scraps go in the garbage immediately so I don't feast on them

as I work, and saving them doesn't work for me....I accumulate too much of them to use

them up fast enough, I just end up with moldy scraps that go in the garbage anyway.

I used to anguish about the waste, but now I'm just like "meh.....it's biodegradable." I feel

worse about throwing a styrofoam cup in the trash these days. :raz:

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