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Korean Fried Chicken

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I rarely use korean hot mustard in dishes other then mul naeng myun, so its nice to see another dish that uses it.  ...I wonder if its made out of the same things as powdered wasabi.
its not wasabi. its that yellow mustard that acts very similarly to wasabi. i think its the same mustard you use in naengmyeon.

i know the dish you're talking about ,my mum makes it, i've also seen it on menus here in the past.

my mum uses [i just asked her]: hot english mustard [i know!], vinegar, sugar, added water to dilute slightly to taste.. not sure on proportions though

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here in vancouver, canada, korean-style fried chicken is fairly easy to find. there's quite a large korean population here, and fried chicken is available at a lot of korean restaurants and also at some korean supermarkets (like h-mart). there's also a restaurant here called Cco Cco Chicken that specializes in it.

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Don't forget Japchae bap! All of these dishes are served at what koreans call "Jung guk jip" aka "Chinese restaurant" or more literally, "China house". Nobody in korea would mistake these for actual Korean food.

Yes, Jellyfish.  It is delicious.  Cold julienned vegetable, pork, and various seafood, with Jellyfish.  All tossed in hot mustard sauce.

I've never seen it offerred at any other Korean restaurant but my Korean friends all recognize it at once so I'm assuming this is a Korean dish and not Chinese.  Or a Chinese dish that is much more popular in Korea than it is for the Chinese (we usually have people of both nationalities when we go for dinner at Great Seas and the Koreans are the only ones familiar with it).

yes, you both (sheena too) have it right.

there are subset of chinese dishes which have been adopted and made very popular by koreans. i consider these dishes basically korean, but its not really native korean food. most koreans will tell you these dishes are chinese, but most chinese wont recognize them. or if they do, they will say that its "off" or that its really different.

these "chinese" restaurants often have the following characteristics:<blockquote><i><ul><li>they have the name "shan-dong" or "qingdao", a major city in shandong

<li>often the only places in korea or in america where you can most easily count on finding handpulled noodles (which koreans call suta guksu)

<li>have the following dishes<ul><li>jjajangmyeon 짜장면 (suta guksu dish)

<li>jjambong 짬뽕 (suta guksu dish)

<li>lajogi 라조기 (a kind of chicken dish)

<li>gganpoong-x 깐풍-x (substitute x with chicken or shrimp)

<li>fried rice 볶음밥

<li>tangsuyuk 탕수육 (sweet sour pork)

<li>palbochae 팔보채 (aka happy family)

<li>naeng chae aka yangjangpi 냉채 aka 양장피

<li>mandu 만두

<li>wangmandu 왕만두

<li>japchae 잡채 (its korean, but you can always find this dish too)

<li>mapadubu 마파두부

<li>ggotbbang 꽃빵 </ul></ul></i></blockquote>of course not all restaurants have all these characteristics/dishes, but as a general rule, you'll find that what is here is true.

and sheena, ggan-poon-gi is not anything like tangsuyuk.

sheena, if your parents live in maryland, you MUST try the gganpoongi at dae sung kwan on veirs mill road in wheaton. i dont know if they live in that area, but the gganpoonggi there is to DIE for. we were gganpoonggi ADDICTS. it was ugly. we robbed cars to get our daily fix. humble place. its just a run of the mill chinese korean restaurant, but it is close to our hearts.

Dae Sung Kwan


11215 Viers Mill Rd.

Wheaton, Maryland

(301) 949-1500

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